What to Do When the NFL is Quiet

(Philadelphia, Pa) —This time of the year in the NFL is considered down time for most. Many people that work around the league including media, players, and coaches take this time for a well deserved month of re-charging before training camp begins. Organized Training Activities (OTA’s) for most teams have shut down and many players return to their home towns or go on vacation. Conversely GM’s and Head Coaches may take a week off from game planning, but they always have the unenviable circumstance of wondering and hoping that their players stay out of trouble during this quiet time. Unfortunately, everyday we see and hear in the media about off the field player incidents this time of the year.  These player incidents can often cause team’s next season plans go awry and languish into the season, leaving a cloud over a player and team for the entire year.  Let’s hope that players have seen that the “The Commish” Roger Goodell means business about player conduct and this time of the year remains quiet (Highly unlikely given players, $$$, and their age).

As a self-described football junkie I have chosen to always be tuned into football even if the NFL is dormant. There is always NFL Network (“NFL Football 24/7”), films (my pick: Any Given Sunday), player camps, and minor league football (Arena and NFL Europa) to sink my teeth into during early summer until camp starts. Yes, I am football crazy enough to watch the AFL and NFLE. The leagues have a few players that could make the jump into NFL training camps and the products though not NFL caliber are fun to watch. I will have full reports on World Bowl XV and Arena Bowl XXI as they come up.

Another big part of this time of the year is re-capping the previous season and trying to predict what will happen next year. In this vain I am going to present my Top 10 list of positions and other areas for discussion by everyone. Remember these are not fantasy football lists, I will have my FF picks up later in the summer.

Please visit my blog at BIGPLAY each day to see who I believe is the best in their respective area. I will begin my lists with the most important position on the field, quarterback.


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