BIGPLAY Football Breaking News: Vick won’t admit to killing dogs or gambling

The plea agree that everyone figured was signed, sealed, and delivered for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is now in jeopardy. Vick will not admit to killing dogs or to gambling as detailed in his indictment when he enters a guilty plea in a Richmond, VA, federal court on Monday, according to an ESPN source close to the situation. The source said that Vick will only plead guilty to one charge of interstate commerce for the purpose of dogfighting the same as his former 3 co-defendants did earlier. You ask “where did all of this come from”, apparently when Vick’s defense team met with federal attorneys on Thursday afternoon to determine the “summary of facts” to which Vick will plead, they didn’t like the information coming forth. Vick, who is fighting for his NFL life wants it known and maintained that he personally never killed dogs or gambled on a dog fight. He is now claiming to only being the “figurehead” of the operation and that he only was present at these alledged events.

Vick who is still thinking about football (I don’t know why), knows that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is waiting for him to sign his plea papers to see about possible discipline. Goodell’s own investigator former U.S attorney Eric Holder is about to come forward with his findings and the plea agreement would add further validity for Goodell to administer a lengthy suspension on Vick (some are saying more than 2 years). If in those papers he admits to being the dastardly person that held a dog’s head under water until it died or has even the slightest link to gambling then a lifetime ban may be coming.

This case to me is incredible because you have a celebrity athlete who is fighting for his life that is either so delusional or arrogant that he thinks he can dictate the terms of his punishment and league’s disciplinary actions. I know Vick may want his day in court, but to go forward with a trial on November 26th with the daunting task of fighting 7 possible witnesses including three co-defendants that have first hand knowledge, would be career suicide. And I am not even going to speculate on more charges that may be coming forward from the feds for racketeering and at the state level from Virginia, but believe me that those charges would definitely be coming if Vick doesn’t take the deal.

My advice to Vick is to forget about trying to protect his NFL career by deciding what he will plead or not plead to. With the mountain of evidence that is forth coming, he would be best served to take any deal (probably a year) that is presented to him. His high powered legal team led by Billy Martin has instructed him to take the deal and that is what he should do. I believe that if he obliging takes the deal and shows some compassion that the NFL, the courts, and the public may give him a chance after he does quietly does his jail time.

By taking the chance of going to trial against the mountain of evidence and during the NFL season, it will hold a huge cloud over America’s game.  I believe that the trial would cause irrevocable damage to Vick and to the NFL. So for another weekend we will have to wait and see where this soap opera takes us.  Hopefully, Vick will come to his senses and take the deal laid out before he heads to court on Monday (August 27th) at 9:00 AM in Richmond, VA.


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