Preseason Week 4 Overview

(Philadelphia, Pa) —-This week’s games were usually dull affairs played on a Thursday or Friday that screamed, “Please start the regular season”. I attended the Thursday night battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field and I can tell you everyone in the pressbox was more interested in talking about the Phillies’ big win to sweep the Mets from earlier in the day.

Watching players that will either be on the practice squad or cut after the game is exhausting. I am just be glad that I am not a not a Steelers or Saints player or fan, because those two teams played in pre-season five games, starting with the Hall of Fame game. Teams can take solace in the fact that the Super Bowl Champion Colts finished 1-3 in the 2006 Pre-season including a bad 20 to 3 loss to the Bengals.  I truly believe that Commissioner Roger Goodell will stop the madness of the 4th pre-season game and shorten the pre-season schedule in 2008.  

Now that we are done the longest part of the NFL Schedule let the games begin !! I will have a full in-depth look at regular season week one games, starting with the Thursday September 6th game between the Super Bowl Champion Colts and the Saints.

Game BallsSince this week featured so many performances by end of the lineup guys in meaningless games, I am giving only one game ball.

DE CJ Mosely, Jets – At the game I attended everyone was talking about Mosely. Inspired by Jets Assistant Coach Bryan Cox, Mosely was a force constantly pounding Eagles quarterbacks including probably breaking Eagles quarterback AJ Feeley with a vicious hit. Mosely probably played his way onto the roster accounting for three sacks and two forced fumbles. Mosely said after the game, “I don’t think I’ve had (a game) like that in my life”.

Scoreboard and Game NotesSince everyone was just trying to get out of these games healthy and start the regular season, I thought it was meaningless to give a write-up of each game. I have included the game scores below.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Paul Brown Stadium

Colts (1-3)        6

Bengals (1-3)  14

Georgia Dome

Ravens (1-3)    10

Falcons (3-1)     13

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Qwest Field

Raiders (2-2)   14

Seahawks (3-1) 19

Qualcomm Stadium

49ers (1-3)       13

Chargers (3-1)  16

Invesco Field at Mile High

Cardinals (0-4)    3

Broncos ( 2-2)    21

Soldier Field

Browns (3-1)  19

Bears ( 3-1)    9

Bank of America Stadium

Steelers (4-1)   19

Panthers (1-3)   3

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome

Cowboys (2-2) 14

Vikings (2-2)     23


Dolphins (2-2)   0

Saints ( 3-2)      7

Edward Jones Dome

Chiefs (0-4)     3

Rams ( 2-2)   10

Raymond James Stadium

Texans ( 2-2)        24

Buccaneers ( 3-1)  31

LP Field

Packers (2-2)   14

Titans (3-1)      30

Gillette Stadium

Giants (1-3)   20

Patriots (2-2)  27

Lincoln Financial Field

Jets (3-1)      13

Eagles (1-3)   11

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

Redskins (2-2)  14

Jaguars (3-1)    31

Ford Field

Bills (2-2)   16

Lions (2-2)  13


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