Week 3 NFL Rankings

Week 2 of the NFL season is in the book and we are now seeing the parody and separation aspects of the NFL as ten teams are off to a (2-0) start, twelve teams are even at (1-1), and another ten are in a hole at (0-2) including 2006 playoff teams: Eagles, Jets, Saints, Giants, and Chiefs. The teams that are (0-2) need to buckle down because only 17 teams since 1990 have qualified for the playoff after starting in the deep hole and only 2 teams have ever come back from the even deeper hole of (0-3).

    1. Colts (2-0) – Showed their mettle, winning at Tennessee versus the Titans. Another road divisional battle this week versus the surprising Texans.
    2. Patriots (2-0) – Belichik and the Pats showed that they have more than espionage by shutting down the Chargers. Home battle vs. the Bills is next.
    3. Steelers (2-0) – The Steelers looked very professional dismantling the reeling Bills. After two AFC wins they now have a NFC match-up on the road in SF.
    4. Cowboys (2-0) – The Cowboys are scoring machine, putting up 82 pts in the first two weeks. They have a big road test against the defensive Bears.
    5. Bears (1-1) – Despite Rex Grossman’s best efforts, they dominated the Bears. In the weekend’s biggest battle they will have a stern home test vs. Dallas.
    6. Chargers (1-1) – After all the “talk”, we now know they are not in the Pats league. They will need to pass a road test versus the surprising Packers.
    7. Ravens (1-1) – Came home to beat the Jets in the battle of the backup qb’s. McNair returns for the team’s home battle versus the Cardinals.
    8. Broncos (2-0) – They have squeaked there way to two wins, but they need to improve to be a true contender. Will have a home test against the Jags.
    9. Redskins (2-0) – They passed a big MNF test in Philly. We will have to see if they won’t suffer a letdown in a divisional game at home versus the Giants.
    10. Texans (2-0) – Led by Schaub and Andre Johnson they throttled the Panthers. We will see if they are the real deal taking on Colts this week at home.
    11. Packers (2-0) – #4 headed into the record books as they beat the Giants. Let’s see if they have really turned it around by beating the Chargers.
    12. Lions (2-0) – They showed that they maybe revitalized by disposing of the Vikings. A tough road test awaits versus the desperate Eagles.
    13. Panthers (1-1) – Big plays hurt them versus the Texans. Should get a mulligan playing against the hapless Falcons, who are waiting for Leftwich.
    14. 49ers (2-0) – Hung on to beat the Rams in St Louis. They have a huge test traveling to Pittsburgh to take on the blitzing Steelers.
    15. Seahawks (1-1) – Made furious comeback, but lost to division rival Cardinals. We will see if this team still has character at home versus the Bengals.
    16. Titans (1-1) – They played the Colts tough, but came up short. Will play on MNF at New Orleans in the 2005 Heisman Bowl – Young vs. Bush.
    17. Vikings (1-1) –They were surprised losing in OT to the Lions. They have problems at QB, which will need to be addressed in this week’s game at KC.
    18. Bengals (1-1) – Took a serious step back by showing their inconsistency losing to the Browns in a shootout. Show me something at the Seahawks.
    19. Jaguars (1-1) – Took care of business versus the Falcons. Will travel to Mile High to see who is for real, them or the 2-0 questionable Broncos.
    20. Cardinals (1-1) – Almost gave it away in a win versus the Seahawks. The true test will come this week as they travel to Baltimore to face Ray and the boyz.
    21. Saints (0-2) – 2006 NFC South Champs looked like chumps losing to the Bucs. In order to save their season they will need to beat the Titans on MNF.
    22. Jets (0-2) – The Ravens out “toughed” the Jets last week. They now need to save their season at home against the 0-2 Dolphins. Someone’s “0” has to go.
    23. Eagles (0-2) – The Eagles have been at 0-2 before in 2003 and survived, but this is not the same team. A big character test at home vs. the (2-0) Lions.
    24. Buccaneers (1-1) – This team is looking more and more like a train wreck. They look listless versus the Seahawks.
    25. Rams (0-2) – Fumbled a win away to the 49ers last week. They will now have to save their season on the road against the improving Bucs.
    26. Browns (1-1) – Crennel finally got his 2nd divisional win in a surprise shootout over the Bengals. A stern test this week as they travel to the better than their record Raiders (0-2).
    27. Dolphins (0-2) – Were dominated in the 2nd half against the Cowboys. Cameron will need to pick up the pieces and get a win at the Jets.
    28. Giants (0-2) – Were dominated versus the Packers and Eli looks hurt. Will need to play better against the upstart Redskins.
    29. Raiders (0-2) – Too bad the Broncos timeout’ed their way to a victory. Will need to pick up the pieces against the surprising Browns.
    30. Bills (0-2) – Not even Kevin Everett’s good news could help them against the Steelers. Have a mission impossible traveling to New England.
    31. Chiefs (0-2) – They looked terrible again in a bad 20-10 loss to the Bears. We will see if Herm can save his season at home against the young Vikings.
    32. Falcons (0-2) – The Jags showed again that Joey Harrington is done as a NFL quarterback. With Leftwich warming up in the bullpen, they will take on the Panthers at home.

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