2007 NFL Week 5 Rankings

(Philadelphia, Pa) —- At the first quarter marker of the 2007 season there are four teams who have performed well enough to be perfect (Colts, Patriots, Cowboys, and Packers), but any questions regarding an undefeated season are extremely premature as any team can play at a higher level to cause an upset.

The factor that is causing all the parity in the NFL is “adjustments”. The NFL is a copycat league where teams can catch-up quickly and adjustments are the only way to combat staying ahead of the pack or falling behind. With the second round of bye weeks it is time for the “good” coaches to make the adjustments necessary to get their teams back on track or keeping them at the top. Remember early season results are important (don’t want to get too far behind), but good coaches realize that they want their team peaking in the championship months of November and December when it is playoff push time.

Byes: Bengals, Vikings, Raiders, Eagles

  1. Colts (4-0) – Despite more injuries they ground up the Broncos. Will need to bandage up to get ready for a home battle vs. the Bucs in the “Dungy” bowl.
  2. Patriots (4-0) – The Bengals were no match for them on MNF as the NFL’s current favorite kept rolling. Should watch for a letdown at home vs. the Browns who are starting to believe in former Pats’ coach Romeo Crennel.
  3. Cowboys (4-0) – The NFL’s scoring machine rolled on again this past week over the hapless Rams. A MNF battle awaits in Buffalo against the Bills who now have a new QB and their first win.
  4. Steelers (3-1) – Lost a grudge match to the Cardinals and former coaches Whisenhunt and Grimm. Will have an interesting inter-conference battle against the NFC West leading Seahawks in a Super Bowl XL re-match.
  5. Packers (4-0) – The win versus the Vikings wasn’t pretty, but Favre got two more records and the Pack is 4-0 for the first time since 1998. Will have a black and blue NFC North battle at home versus the desperate Bears on NBC Sunday Night Football.
  6. Seahawks (3-1) – Led by Julian Peterson, they showed the Niners who were the best in the NFC West. Will try to avenge their Super Bowl XL loss this week in Pittsburgh.
  7. Buccaneers (3-1) – Went on the road and humiliated the Panthers to take the lead in the NFC South. We will see if they are ready for “Prime Time” as they travel to Indy to face the champs.
  8. Titans (2-1) – Had a bye week to heal up, but we know Coach Fisher and V.Y were working. Have a tough home battle against the newly minted first win Falcons in the battle for the South.
  9. Jaguars (2-1) – I am sure several banged up players along their D-Line enjoyed their bye week, but now it is back to work. QB David Garrard will be leading them into KC to face the one the NFL’s toughest crowds.
  10. Ravens (2-2) – Looked very ordinary in losing to the Browns, who they probably underestimated. Will have to travel across country to face the Niners led by former Ravens Super Bowl quarterback Trent Dilfer.
  11. Lions (3-1) – All those high draft picks may finally be jelling as they showed the Bears they are contenders. They will have to go on the road and win versus the upstart Redskins to make me a believer.
  12. Panthers (2-2) – The surprising Bucs went into Charlotte and dismantled the Panthers in a NFC South battle. With the so far disappointing David Carr at the helm, the Panthers will need to regroup on the road versus the desperate Saints.
  13. Cardinals (2-2) – Road a weird two-head quarterback monster and had a big punt return in a home win versus the Steelers. Travel to St. Louis to face the beat up Rams.
  14. Chiefs (2-2) – They held LT in check the second half and came from behind to beat the reeling Chargers. Will face a tough Jags team at home, so the home crowd better be ready.
  15. Broncos (2-2) – Failed a road test in Indy as they showed that more work is needed to get to an elite level. Will be facing a despondent and desperate Chargers team, so expect a lot of L.T
  16. Redskins (2-1) – After a week off to heal up and continue the maturation of QB Jason Campbell, they face the red-hot Detroit Lions at home. I never thought I would say this but “The Lions are a big test” for the young ‘Skins.
  17. Texans (2-2) – Seemed to look past the Falcons and lost in Atlanta. They will have another don’t look ahead game against the hapless Dolphins in Houston.
  18. 49ers (2-2) – Lost their quarterback in the first series and never recovered in a loss to the Seahawks. They will have to face a hostile Ravens defense at home with Trent Dilfer at the helm.
  19. Giants (2-2) – It wasn’t pretty, but their defense did more than enough to carry them past the woeful Eagles. They will battle the Jets in a “loser leaves the Meadowlands” bout.
  20. Raiders (2-2) –Daunte Culpepper and the Raiders got their roll on at the expense of the Dolphins. They will have a bye to sit back and let Lane Kiffin decide between Culpepper, McCown, or Russell???
  21. Browns (2-2) – Surprisingly for the second week in a row the Browns came to fight and won. Will have their most stern test as they travel to New England to face the NFL’s darlings the Patriots.
  22. Chargers (1-3) – This team is totally lost and I was thoroughly surprised how they let the Chiefs comeback on them. Will need to save their season on the road versus division rival Denver.
  23. Bears (1-3) – Maybe it wasn’t the QB after all as they looked turnover happy again in a loss to the Lions. Their season will be on the line as they travel to Green Bay to face the red-hot Packers on Sunday Night Football.
  24. Vikings (1-3) – Didn’t have enough to finish off the Packers and Brett Favre in a home loss. Will have a bye week to get QB T. Jackson and the rest of the team ready to play in week six.
  25. Eagles (1-3) – Were very listless on Sunday Night Football losing badly to the Giants and did I mention 12 sacks allowed. Need to take advantage of the bye week to get their head out of you know where.
  26. Jets (1-3) – The J-E-T-S came up small in a winnable game versus the Bills. Will play in a pride game versus the Giants in the “Battle for New York” or at least the Meadows where both are tenants.
  27. Bengals (1-3) – Interceptions, No Rudi Johnson, and non-team unity were their undoing versus the Patriots on MNF. After Marvin Lewis’ post game tirade the Bengals will have a bye week to find themselves.
  28. Bills (1-3) – They stepped up at home winning versus the Jets. Will have a real test in their first Monday Night Football home game in 13 years against the high scoring Cowboys.
  1. Saints (0-3) – Maybe the week off gave Sean Payton, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints the time needed to remember the 2006 version of themselves. Need to beat the Panthers at home to get back in the NFC South race.
  2. Falcons (1-3) – Maybe this team is not as bad as we thought they were. Joey Harrington played efficiently as the Falcons handled Matt Schaub and Texans for their first win. A big test to see if they can get on a roll awaits in Tennessee versus the Titans and V.Y
  3. Dolphins (0-4) –The Dolphins looked horrible as it was Daunte’s inferno in Miami as Culpepper got his revenge. Need to win versus the Texans to restore some pride to one of the NFL’s proudest franchises.
  4. Rams (0-4) – The Cowboys humiliated the punchless Rams. The “lambs” will have to show me something at home versus the Cardinals and without QB Marc Bulger.

Author: lloydvance

Lloyd Vance is a NFL Writer, Analyst, Draft Expert, Researcher, and Historian. He serves as a Editor for "Taking It to the House and he covers the NFL on a daily basis. He is an Accredited Member of NFL Media and Philadelphia Eagles Media. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), and The Maxwell Football Club

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