2007 NFL Week 6 Preview

(Philadelphia , Pa ) —- I love this time of the year, because the weather is changing, the leaves are turning colors and the NFL starts sorting through the contenders and pretenders on the way to the crucial midway point of the season in week 8. The standings sport three unbeaten teams with the Patriots, Colts (“Masters” of 5-0, attaining the record in four of the past five seasons), and Cowboys vying for the top spot. The group will be slashed by one after the weekend as the Cowboys and Patriots will lock horns Sunday afternoon in Dallas and someone’s “0” has to go (Colts are on a bye). Get your popcorn ready as the NFL presents their version of the “Thrilla in Manila ” as the two of the leagues heavyweight will be battling in what I am calling the “Shootout in Dallas ”. The game will have more eyes on it than the “Who shot J.R” episode from the hit 1980’s show Dallas . The meeting between the two heavyweights will be only the fifth time in history that clubs with a 5-0 record or better have met and two of those games came in the first three years of the league (1921 and 1923). The game will also be only the fourth time since 2000 that the NFL’s two top scoring clubs met in Week 6 or later in the regular season.

Other Past 5-0 Match-ups

November 13, 1921

Akron Pros (7-0) at Buffalo All-Americans (6-0)

0-0 Tie

November 4, 1923

Canton Bulldogs (5-0) at Chicago Cardinals (5-0)

Bulldogs 7, Cardinals 3

October 28, 1973

Los Angeles Rams (6-0) at Minnesota Vikings (6-0)

Vikings 10, Rams 9

The playoff picture is still a little blurry because after five weeks of the season, history paints an interesting picture. Since 2000, 39 teams that finished Week 5 with a winning record did not make the playoffs and 11 teams with losing records at that point did make the playoffs, including the 2001 New England Patriots, who were 2-3 and went on to win Super Bowl XXXVI.

Games and NotesNew England Patriots (5-0-0) at the Dallas Cowboys (5-0-0) 4:15 PM ET Texas Stadium – CBS: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

What game did you think I was going to write about the Jets and the Eagles, no way!!! This game could be (with “could” being the operative word) a future Super Bowl match-up that has fascinating match-ups everywhere and much more:

  • Quarterback Battle : September Offensive Player of the Month Tom Brady (117-158, 1,383 yards, 16 TDs (NFL Leader) vs. America ’s new golden boy Tony Romo (101-171, 1,508 yards (2nd in NFL), and 13 TDs (2nd in NFL)
  • Wide Receiver/Prima Dona Battle: Randy Moss (34 catches for 551 yards and 7 TDs – NFL Leader in Yards and TDs) vs. the surprisingly quiet Terrell Owens (21 catches, 387 yards, 3 TDs and an NFL leading 6 drops) – in the battle of No. 81’s (I also like the TE battle between Witten and Watson as well). In three meeting versus each other the two have combined for 39 catches for 541 yards.
  • No. 2 (Pats) vs. No. 3 (’Boys) in my power rankings
  • Point Production No. 1 (Pats) vs. No. 2 (‘Boys),
  • NFL offenses No. 1 (’Boys – 429.6) vs. No. 2 (Pats – 427.8).

The players maybe acting cool and collective about the game with players like New England CB Ellis Hobbs saying “Let’s not make more of it than it is”. He added “We think of it as a big game because it’s the next game. This is not, quote, unquote, a Super Bowl match-up.” Hey Ellis, who do you think you’re fooling with a quote like that, because we all know you and Rodney Harrison and rest of the defense want to shut up Terrell Owens and Tony Romo.

The Cowboys hold a commanding 7-2 edge in the series battle, but the Patriots have won the last two meetings including a November 2003 (12-0). The game may very well be decide by the running backs the Pats Sammy Morris and the Cowboys combination of the Julius Jones/Marion Barber III since running the ball and controlling the clock will be the key to keeping each others explosive offense off the field. Watch the turnover battle as the Patriots (+7 in Takeaway/Giveaway) hold an edge over the Cowboys (+2, but coming off a 6 turnover game on MNF). I think it will be the Patriots, because since ’03 they are 16-3 (.842) in October and the Cowboys are probably still feeling high from a “lucky” win on Monday Night over the Bills.

Byes: Buffalo , Denver , Detroit , Indianapolis , Pittsburgh , San Francisco

Sunday, October 14, 2007

1:00 PM ET Giants Stadium – FOX

Eagles ( 1-3-0 )

Jets ( 1-4-0 )

PHI: D. McNabb (79-136,943), B. Westbrook (51-291)

NYJ: C. Pennington (84-118,811), T. Jones (88-290)

1:00 PM ET M&T Bank Stadium – FOX

Rams (0-5-0)

Ravens ( 3-2-0 )

STL: M. Bulger (74-133,765), S. Jackson (69-233)

BAL: S. McNair (103-157,922), W. McGahee (102-464)

1:00 PM ET Arrowhead Stadium – CBS

Bengals ( 1-3-0 )

Chiefs ( 2-3-0 )

CIN: C.Palmer (101-160, 1171), R.Johnson (58-177)

KC: D.Huard (97-149, 1029), L.Johnson (84-275)

1:00 PM ET Soldier Field – FOX

Vikings ( 1-3-0 )

Bears ( 2-3-0 )

MIN: K.Holcomb (35-67,427), A. Peterson (76-383)

CHI: R.Grossman (47-89,500), C.Benson (101-303)

1:00 PM ET Cleveland Browns Stadium – CBS

Dolphins (0-5-0)

Browns ( 2-3-0 )

MIA: T.Green (85-141,987), R. Brown (83-425)

CLE: D.Anderson (83-159, 1251), J. Lewis (77-382)

1:00 PM ET Raymond James Stadium – CBS

Titans ( 3-1-0 )

Buccaneers ( 3-2-0 )

TEN: V. Young (62-100,583), C. Brown (52-274)

TB: J. Garcia (76-113,914), C. Williams (54-208)

1:00 PM ET Lambeau Field – FOX

Redskins ( 3-1-0 )

Packers ( 4-1-0 )

WAS: J. Campbell (67-113, 869), C. Portis (66-299)

GB: B. Favre (141-210, 1527), D.Wynn (36-165)

1:00 PM ET Jacksonville Municipal Stadium – CBS

Texans ( 3-2-0 )

Jaguars ( 3-1-0 )

HOU: M. Schaub (111-157, 1299), R. Dayne (62-179)

JAC: D. Garrard (68-102,848), F. Taylor (55-207)

4:05 PM ET University of Phoenix Stadium – FOX

Panthers ( 3-2-0 )

Cardinals ( 3-2-0 )

CAR: J. Delhomme (55-86,626), D. Foster (80-361)

ARI: M. Leinart (60-112,647), E. James (107-442)

4:15 PM ET Qualcomm Stadium – CBS

Raiders ( 2-2-0 )

Chargers ( 2-3-0 )

OAK: J. McCown (44-68,494), L. Jordan (84-424)

SD: P. Rivers (102-157, 1156), L. Tomlinson (98-329)

8:15 PM Qwest Field – NBC

Saints (0-4-0)

Seahawks ( 3-2-0 )

NO: D. Brees (112-177,929), R. Bush (50-147)

SEA: M. Hasselbeck (99-155, 1148), S. Alexander (102-378)

Monday, October 15, 2007

8:30 PM Georgia Dome – ESPN

Giants ( 3-2-0 )

Falcons ( 1-4-0 )

NYG: E. Manning (92-157, 1076), D. Ward (86-409)

ATL: J. Harrington (105-156, 1070), W. Dunn (74-249)


Author: lloydvance

Lloyd Vance is a NFL Writer, Analyst, Draft Expert, Researcher, and Historian. He serves as a Editor for "Taking It to the House and he covers the NFL on a daily basis. He is an Accredited Member of NFL Media and Philadelphia Eagles Media. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), and The Maxwell Football Club

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