2007 NFL Week 7 Rankings

(Philadelphia, Pa) —- With the NFL season inching closer each week toward the midway point we are starting to see the separation gap and parity that I always like to talk about.  After week 6, there are 19 teams with a .500 or better record and 13 teams with losing records including winless teams the Rams and Dolphins (both 0-6).  The AFC East seems all but wrapped up with the Patriots sporting a 5 game edge, but all of the other divisions have brewing battles coming with teams currently 1 to 2 games within the lead. This past week the highly touted “Shootout in Dallas” pitting formerly 5-0 teams the Patriots and Cowboys has gone by the way side with 29.1 million fans tuning in – ranking the game the most-watched regular season game on an NFL Sunday since Dallas-San Francisco on Nov. 10, 1996 (29.7 million viewers on FOX).  The game looked more like Holmes vs. Cooney (definitive mismatch) than the anticipated “Thrilla in Manila” with the Patriots (6-0) moving on with a hearty 48-27 victory joining the Colts (5-0 with a bye this past week) as the two unbeatens.  With everyone talking about the Patriots going undefeated for the season -– BTW: I still think that it is impossible for any team to not lose as every team is looking to make their mark each week by knocking off the town bully — the NFL hype machine and the league’s fans will be hoping that both unbeatens can make it to their Week 9 meeting in New England without a blemish. Byes: Panthers, Browns, Packers, Chargers 

  1. Colts (5-0) – They remain at the top due to being the champs, but the Patriots are scary. After a bye they travel to Jacksonville to face the better than you think Jags on Monday Night Football.
  2. Patriots (6-0) – Dominated the Cowboys to prove that the AFC is the dominating conference.  The road show continues in sunny Miami as they face the winless Dolphins.
  3. Steelers (4-1) – Coming off a bye week hopefully their many injured players had time to heal.  On Sunday Night Football they travel to Denver to face the Broncos who want to prove they are better than their record.
  4. Cowboys (5-1) – Hung around with the Patriots for one half, but they have work to do in the secondary. Will need to get back on track versus the Vikings and native Texan monster running back Adrian Peterson.
  5. Packers (5-1) – Did just enough to beat the Redskins in a sloppy game. Will have a bye week to help Brett Favre forget that he is the all-time interception leader.
  6. Jaguars (4-1) – They are not pretty, but they find ways (defense and running the ball) to win like they did against the Texans. We will see if they are truly a contender as they host the champion Colts on MNF.
  7. Ravens (4-2) – Did the job versus the injury plagued hapless Rams. Will continue the cupcake portion of their schedule traveling to the Bills.
  8. Buccaneers (4-2) – They really showed me something beating V.Y and the Titans in a black and blue game. Armed with new RB Michael Bennett they will have a difficult game traveling to Detroit to face the Lions who have something to prove.
  9. Titans (3-2) – After they lost V.Y, it was all over against the upstart Bucs. Look for V.Y to possibly return in a homecoming game versus the Texans.
  10. Chargers (3-3) – Reached the .500 mark by steamrolling the Raiders behind LT. Will have a bye week to get recently traded player WR Chris Chambers aclimated to his new team/system.
  11. Giants (4-2) – Did all of the right things in a MNF domination over the tough luck Falcons. Will need to guard against a letdown at home versus the better than their record Niners who are coming off a bye.
  12. Panthers (4-2) – Proved that they can win ugly by beating the Cardinals behind veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde. Will work during the bye week with Vinny and Matt Moore to keep this team moving forward.
  13. Redskins (3-2) – Fumbled the game away to the Packers as they lost more O-linemen in the process.  The beat up but dangerous Cardinals come to Washington this week.
  14. Cardinals (3-3) – Lost the game, lost QB Kurt Warner, and had too many mistakes in a winnable game versus the Panthers.  Travel to the Redskins in a game that could have future wild card implications.
  15. Seahawks (3-3) – Seem to be struggling to return to their old form as they looked tentative in a SNF loss to the Saints. Should fatten up on the reeling Rams, but they better watch out for the return of QB Marc Bulger.
  16. Texans (3-3) – Got out-muscled by the Jags in a physical divisional battle. Will face homeboy Vince Young in his second return against the Texans, who may still be kicking themseleves for not taking him in ’06.
  17. Chiefs (3-3) – Climbed back to .500 against the hapless Bengals in a game where LJ was back.  Will be dusting off veteran RB Priest Holmes when they travel to the Raiders.
  18. Eagles (2-3) – Remained unbeaten after the bye under Andy Reid by defeating a reeling Jets squad. Have a tough home battle versus the Bears in a “step up” game where both teams need a victory.
  19. Bears (2-4) – Failed to get back in the NFC North race as they couldn’t stop Vikings RB Adrian Peterson in a heartbreaking loss.  Travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in a “back against the wall” game.
  20. Browns (3-3) – The NFL’s feel good story continued for another week as the Dawgs took care of the Dolphins by hanging 41 pts on them. Will use the bye week to get healthy and continue on their “Save Romeo” campaign.
  21. Vikings (2-3) – Rode super charged rookie running back Adrian Peterson into the win column versus the Bears.  In a must win game, they will be facing the cream of the NFC the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium.
  22. Saints (1-4) – They showed me something by going to Seattle and winning a tough game on the road.  May have a chance to get back in the NFC South race and their trek continues this week at home against the beleaguered Falcons.
  23. Lions (3-2) – Hopefully the bye week helped them to fix their protection of QB Jon Kitna and their problems in defensive coverage. Will be facing the Buccaneers in a game where both teams need to show they are in or close to the upper echelon of the NFC.
  24. Raiders (2-3) – Were sloppy and had no answer for LT and the Chargers in a divisional loss.  Face the Chiefs in Oakland for a second straight week of an old-time AFL rivalry game.
  25. 49ers (2-3) – Had a bye week to get back to the successful things they did in the first two weeks of the season. Will be traveling to the Meadowlands to face the surprising up and coming Giants.
  26. Broncos (2-3) – Had the bye week to try and fix whatever caused them to lose three straight. Have a tough home battle against the run happy Steelers on NBC Sunday Night Football.
  27. Jets (1-5) – Their season appears to be slipping away as they did not score a touchdown in a bad home loss to the Eagles.  Pennington will need to impress on the road versus the Bengals, but it may be Kellen Clemens time.
  28. Bengals (1-4) – Lost the “Desperation Bowl” to the Chiefs and they now look like their season is in jeopardy.  Will be looking for a win to get them back on track at home versus the equally disappointing Jets.
  29. Bills (1-4) – Had a bye week to lick their wounds from their Dallas heartbreaker. Will be hosting the charging Ravens in a pride game.
  30. Falcons (1-5) – The Michael Vick hangover continued on Monday Night Football in a home loss to the Giants.  The Falcons will continue on their “season of tears” in New Orleans versus the rejuvenated Saints.
  31. Rams (0-6) – With their patchwork O-line, they had no chance against the Ravens attacking defense.  They will get Marc Bulger back, but they have a daunting task on the road against the angry Seahawks.
  32. Dolphins (0-6) – After a shootout loss to the Browns, they seem to be waving the white flag with the trade of wide receiver Chambers. Things will only get worse as the Patriots high scoring offense comes to Miami.



Author: lloydvance

Lloyd Vance is a NFL Writer, Analyst, Draft Expert, Researcher, and Historian. He serves as a Editor for "Taking It to the House and he covers the NFL on a daily basis. He is an Accredited Member of NFL Media and Philadelphia Eagles Media. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), and The Maxwell Football Club

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