Week 8 NFL Rankings

(Philadelphia, Pa) —- The Patriots (7-0) and Colts (6-0) remained unblemished as their week 9 battle of the “Unbeatens” in New England is almost a reality.  After week 7, there are 18 teams with a .500 or better record and 14 teams with losing records including six teams at 2-4 (these teams can point to the Super XL Champion Steelers for inspiration as their record was the same at this point) and same winless teams (Rams and Dolphins both 0-7).  The AFC East seems all but wrapped up with the Patriots sporting a 5 game edge, but all of the other divisions have brewing battles coming with teams currently 1 to 2 games within the lead with the AFC South, AFC West, AFC North, and NFC East with three teams at .500 or better.


Byes: Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Seahawks 

Colts (6-0) – Showed no mercy in shutting down the Jags running game on Monday Night Football.  The Champs with a chip on their shoulder travel to Carolina to face Vinny and the Panthers.

2.  Patriots (7-0) – Did what was expected in smearing the winless Dolphins. Have one last hurdle to clear at home against the young but tough Redskins before facing the Champs in week 9.

3.  Cowboys (6-1) – Made the Vikings beat them with pass which never happened.  The NFC’s best now get a week off to try and not wake up from their dream season.

 4.  Packers (5-1) – After a bye week they travel to Denver to face the rejuvenated Broncos on Monday Night Football.

5.  Giants (5-2) – Looked like a defensive juggernaut in hammering the Niners for their fifth straight win.  It will be fish and chips for the G-Men as they travel to Merry Ole’ England to face the winless Dolphins.

6.  Steelers (4-2) – Disappointed on Sunday Night Football not putting away the Broncos.  Travel to Cincy to face the Bengals who want revenge for the Steelers knocking them out of the ’06 playoff hunt.

7.  Titans (4-2) – Without V.Y they still won their way (ugly and field goals) over the Texans.  The Raiders come to town and they will be looking to run the ball.

8.  Chargers (3-3) – Will unveil new WR Chris Chambers after a bye week of learning.  Football is secondary to them right now as their community is fighting wildfires (thoughts and prayers to that region).  As of this writing they are in Arizona preparing to play the Texans, but where will the game be played is the key question.

9.  Redskins (4-2) – Sneeked out of FedEx field with a win over the scrappy Cardinals.  We will see if they are a real ‘contender’ as they travel to New England to face America’s new team.

10.  Jaguars (4-2) – Didn’t put much of a fight against the champion Colts on MNF.  Will try to get healthy quick as they travel to Tampa Bay in the battle for the sunshine state.

11.  Panthers (4-2) – They probably used the bye week to get veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde ready. Have a tough home battle this week as Peyton and the boys come to town.

12.  Seahawks (4-3) – Dismantled the winless Rams as DE Darryl Tapp had a sack party.  Will have the bye week to heal up and get ready for a stretch run in the 2nd half of the season.

13.  Lions (4-2) – Showed me something by doing just enough to beat the Bucs in Detroit.  Still have something to prove as they have a tough divisional battle against the Bears in Chicago.

14.  Chiefs (4-3) – Behind MVP candidate DE Jared Allen they continued their re-birth with a tough win over the pesky Raiders.  Will have a bye week to figure out how to stay on top in the AFC West.

15.  Bears (3-4) – Came from behind to beat the Eagles in a “back against the wall” game.  Will now host the Lions in a game that will have NFC North divisional implications.

16.  Ravens (4-3) – Looked horrible shooting themselves in the foot in a bad loss to the Bills.  Will have the bye week to settle down and quiet their noisy lockerroom.

17.  Buccaneers (4-3) – Another team that dug a self made hole and lost to a team (Lions) they should have beaten.  Have a tough home battle against the beatup Jags.

18.  Broncos (3-3) – Held off the hard charging Steelers on NBC Sunday Night Football.  Host the Packers on MNF, but the whole town maybe watching the World Series.

19.  Browns (3-3) – After a bye they will resume their “Save Romeo” campaign on the road against the winless Rams.

20.  Saints (2-4) – Did just enough to get by the beleaguered Falcons.  With Bush and Brees feeling better they travel to San Francisco to take on the Niners.

21.  Texans (3-4) – A furios comeback against the Titans came up short, but they showed character behind backup QB Sage Rosenfelds.  Will be playing the host Chargers, but they don’t know where yet.

22.  Cardinals (3-4) – Lost a heartbreaker to the Redskins as their kicker was wide left.  They will now have the bye week to think about how they almost beat the ‘Skins.

23.  Bengals (2-4) – Finally got back in the win column as they outscored the hapless Jets.  Have a tough divisional home battle against their heated rival the Pittsburgh Steelers.

24.  Bills (2-4) – Surprised the Ravens and the country with a tough home win.  Go on the road to face the underachieving Jets in a divisional battle.

25.  Raiders (2-4) – Played the Chiefs tough until the final gun, but they had too many drops and key turnovers to win.  Travel to Tennessee to face the quietly good Titans.

26.  Eagles (2-4) – May have lost their season in a gut-wrenching home loss to the Bears in the final seconds.  Will try and pickup the pieces and get a home him versus Eagles Midwest (The Vikings).

27.  Vikings (2-4) – Went away from Peterson after a fumble and had a long day in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  Will face the Eagles in a battle of two desperate 2-4 teams.

28.  49ers (2-4) – Were demolished by the Giants vaunted defensive front.  Will host Reggie Bush and the Saints in an old NFC West battle.

29.  Jets (1-6) – The Bengals let them hang around, but they finally sealed their fate by not producing in key situations.  Will try to get a win at home versus the surprising Bills.

30.  Falcons (1-6) – They looked good against the rejuvenated Saints for one half until QB Byron Leftwich got hurt.  Will have a bye week to help their in-fighting and injuries.

31.  Rams (0-7) – The Seahawks bludgeoned them with unrelenting pressure as the lambs remained winless in ’07.  Will be a surprising underdog host to the improving Browns.

32.  Dolphins (0-7) – Had no chance against the high scoring Patriots and their dynamic duo of Brady and Moss.  Will try to get their first win versus the G-Men in London, England of all places.


Author: lloydvance

Lloyd Vance is a NFL Writer, Analyst, Draft Expert, Researcher, and Historian. He serves as a Editor for "Taking It to the House and he covers the NFL on a daily basis. He is an Accredited Member of NFL Media and Philadelphia Eagles Media. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), and The Maxwell Football Club

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