Jaguars David Garrard Deserves to be in Hawaii

(Philadelphia, Pa)— The Pro Bowl selections were announced a couple of weeks ago and once again it was one of the most controversial events of the NFL calendar with players, coaches, media, and fans either celebrating or questioning the picks.The selection process usually gets it right, but there will always be much debating about the number of players some teams get or undeserving players getting a free vacation. The 57th rendition of the game will be played in Honolulu at Aloha stadium on Feb. 10th a week after the Super Bowl, so there will be plenty of time for everyone to chime in on who was snubbed or deserving.   Remember the selection process like baseball’s All Star Game is not an exact science as fans voting based on popularity (1/3 of the vote) play a key factor — there were a record number of 83.7 million votes cast (14 million more than 2006) on and on wireless phones with 2,262,000 total ballots.

The biggest snub in my opinion from the selections from the millions of ballots cast was the omission of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard from the AFC Pro Bowl roster.  In his first full season as a starter I have been thoroughly impressed with the cool steady play of the East Carolina product. Garrard has more than proved that the Jags braintrust of GM James Harris and Head Coach Jack Del Rio were more than correct after they handed the reigns to him in training camp 2007 instead of former “franchise” quarterback and high draft pick Byron Leftwich.  Garrard had an okay record of 5-5 as a starter in 2006, but it has been his unwavering leadership in 2007 that should have made him an all-star. The Jaguars feed off his heady play as shown by their 10-2 record this season with him as starter and their 1-2 mark without him. Garrard may not be a down the field gunslinger type or a break out of the pocket for an eighty yard run guy, but he is an efficient passer and a winner.

He clearly has outplayed Pro Bowl selectee Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  Big Ben may have more touchdowns (32 to 18), but he is also much more reckless with the ball than the Garrard (11 Interceptions to 3). With the Jags having a better record than the Steelers (11-4 to 10-5), we should go to their head to head battle in week 15 for the decision. In that game, Garrard clearly out performed Big Ben in snowy Pittsburgh leading his team to a 29-22 win with only one interception in bad conditions including the slop that Heinz Field has become.

Even if the 2002 sixth round draft pick does not head to Hawaii as an injury replacement or alternate, this season has shown he is a player to be watched and deserves to be considered amongst the NFL’s top quarterbacks.  I guess the playoffs will have to be Garrard’s big stage to prove to the world once again that he can beat long odds to succeed (overcame Grave’s Disease).

Through fifteen games of the season, Garrard’s numbers read 12 games played, 208-325, 64%, 2509 passing yards, 18 touchdowns, 5.5 yards per pass, and 3 INTs with 182 yards rushing and 1 touchdown.

2 Responses

  1. “””arrard clearly out performed Big Ben in snowy Pittsburgh leading his team to a 29-22 win without turning the ball over in the slop that Heinz Field has become.”””

    actually Garrard did throw an interception that game. But I agree Jacaksonville is amazing and a lot of it has to do with them having an elite quarterback to rely on who has among many other things GREAT leadership qualities.

  2. Garrand instead of Roethlisberger?

    BR – QB Rating: 104.1 (second only to Brady!)
    Compl. %: 65.3
    Yards: 3,154
    TD’s: 32

    DG: QB Rating: 102.2
    Compl. %: 64.0
    Yards: 2,509
    TD’s: 18

    Yeah, Garrard should be going instead of Roethlisberger! lol

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