Vick to Enter Drug Program and Has a Chance to Get Back Early

(Philadelphia, Pa) —  It has been reported that suspended Falcons quarterback Michael Vick — previously sentenced to 23 months in federal prison for his guilty plea on charges related to dogfighting — has entered a drug treatment program in Leavenworth prison that could reduce his sentence. The mercurial Falcons quarterback failed a drug test (some say this might have been planned) while awaiting sentencing in his federal dogfighting case thus making him eligible for a federal drug treatment program known as the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).  In the program inmates are involved in intensive treatment from six to 12 months, with a minimum of 500 hours of treatment. Upon completion of the program, Vick should be  eligibile for early release based on previous non-criminal standing (no priors).

 It is amazing to me that the Michael Vick case is still in the public consciousness even during the excitement of the NFL playoffs and the Patriots run to glory.  Recently while over a colleague’s home watching the games this past weekend some in the crowd repeatedly called Vick a “scumbag” and referred to him as someone that deserved to be punished at every opportunity including never getting a chance to put on a football uniform again.  The nature and tone of the conversation was surprising to me, because the Falcons were not playing and Vick had no association with the games that we were watching.

 I told the malcontent NFL fan who contended “they” especially Vick should all be in prison, that like it or not players are not all choir boys.  I cited numerous players in college and in the NFL that had difficulty in the past, but had been given chance after chance to turn their lives around.  I do not condone what Michael Vick did, but I understand that his profession is being a football player and who has the right to say who deserves a second chance or not. 

If Vick is given a second chance after he has served his time, it will only be given through Commissioner Roger Goodell.  In the past the “Commish” after meeting with players Tank Johnson (served 4 months on gun charges), Chris Henry, and even Pacman Jones decided that the NFL should not turn their back on these troubled young men.  And I thoroughly believe he will do the same for the disgraced former Virginia Tech star.  To his credit Vick and his legal team led by high-powered attorney Bill Martin have taken the appropriate steps to put the troubled quarterback back on the playing field in 2009.

Notice that I said the “playing field”, because there is no guarantee that Goodell will re-instate the fallen star.  Even if Goodell does not want to give Vick an immediate chance look for the speedster quarterback to play in the Arena Football League, CFL, AAFL, or somewhere upon his release.  His craft is to play football — some say is not a complete quarterback and that definitely is up for debate — but just like any other professional (Actor, Laborer, Barber, Diver – see Bruce Kimball…), if he serves his time then he deserves to have a second chance after making an ammends for his actions.  You only need to “google” former and current NFL players like Christian Peter, Leonard Little, Michael Pittman, and Dusty Dvoracek to see that there are a laundry list of second chance individuals around the league.  Vick deserves the opportunity just like the players listed many of whom have committed acts against people (I don’t even want to go into the whole air-scale comparison of these players crimes versus Vick’s highly publicized dogfighting crimes).

The drug progam is another hurdle back to his “old life” that Vick must clear along with facing dogfighting state charges in Virginia, possibly paying back his $22 Million dollar signing bonus to the Falcons, convincing Goodell, and finding a team/owner willing to take the heat from the PR nightmare of hiring a convicted dogfighter felon.  I definitely think if he can continue moving forward we will see someone take a shot on him…. Can you here me Al Davis??


2 Responses

  1. Vick has been given every opportunity during his short life and will continue to get every opportunity. He’s living in a dorm style minimum security facility and probably has access to just about anything he wants. All of this was planned months ago by his dream team million dollar team of lawyers. He will not serve time for state charges.I’m sure that has already been strategically countered by his brillant lawyers.
    On paper his financial situation makes him look totally bankrupt and without a penny, but I imagine his mamma has a lot of his money in her name. I would think that most financial advisors ,as well as his long list of lifetime fix it lawyers ,would have helped him cleverly disguise his assests a long time ago. He obviously has earned millions and millions of dollars from adoring fans and they will continue to support him until the day he dies. In fact many of his fans can barely afford to buy gas for their own cars, and he owns 100 plus cars. It’s unfortunate that our society must seek the positive from others they percieve as Heroes rather than upgrade their own self esteem to Hero Status.
    Vick is a sociopath and will remain one . Based on comments coming from some of his family members, I would say he gets it honestly. He definitely had 2 strikes against him the day he was born– his mamma and his pappa. A sociopath knows how to gain sympathy and can display emotions that they aren’t feeling. He will do well in winning back the NFL,convincing the public he’s broke, getting the monetary support from his adoring fans, and convincing the public that he has really Found Jesus . On the surface he will maintain a righteous appearance.
    Unfortunately the short stint in a mimimum security facility is probably a little uncomfortable for him ,but I’m sure his situation isn’t anything close to what some people must endure. After reading and seeing some of his home interiors and exteriors etc. I do believe that dorm style facility won’t be quite what he is accustomed to having.
    He once said something like –Everybody be Loving Mike Vick, and they be always loving Mike Vick . Well that’s the one part of his life that just isn’t going to hold true. Unfortunately when celebrities(whether they are white , black, straight or gay) do something sadistic, mean, cruel etc. that image will remain with them in the minds of a certain percentage of the American population. It’s just the nature of the situation, given the paparazzi and intense coverage. All the money in the world and all the sociopathic charm in the world is never going to erase that image from the minds of those who are not impressed with demented behavior.

  2. If only everyone could be held to the same standard…..not just quarterbacks with corn rows.

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