Taking It to the House: Top 10 Greatest Tight Ends

T.I.T.T.H Top 10 Greatest Tight Ends

1.      Kellen Winslow – San Diego Chargers (HOF)

2.      John Mackey – Baltimore Colts (HOF)

3.      Shannon Sharpe – Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens

4.      Ozzie Newsome – Cleveland Browns (HOF)

5.      Mike Ditka – Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys (HOF)

6.      Tony Gonzalez – Kansas City Chiefs*

7.      Dave Casper – Oakland Raiders

8.      Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers*

9.      Jackie Smith – St. Louis Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys (HOF)

10.  Jay Novacek – Dallas Cowboys

Honorable Mention: Keith Jackson, Wesley Walls, Alge Crumpler*, Mark Chumura, Raymond Chester, Mark Bavaro, Ben Coates, Jason Witten*, Dallas Clark*, Todd Heap*


One Response

  1. Winslow was like a phoenix that rose quickly and then was beset by injuries. Casper was the arguably the greatest runblocker ever at the position and was a deadly clutch receiver in the postseason. Sharpe and Gonzalez both enjoyed incredible longevity and put up monster numbers. I would rate Casper above Mike Ditka but this is still a great list. My top ten is:
    1. Dave Casper
    2. Kellen Winslow
    3. Shannon Sharpe
    4. Tony Gonzalez
    5. John Mackey
    6. Ozzie Newsome
    7. Mike Ditka
    8. Jackie Smith
    9. Charlie Sanders
    10. Mark Bavaro
    honorable mention-Raymond Chester, Todd Christensen, Riley Odoms, Antonio Gates, Russ Francis, Ben Coates, Wesley Walls

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