Taking It to the House: Top 10 Greatest Offensive Tackles

(Philadelphia, Pa) — I know most websites give no love to O-linemen unless they are committing penalties.  But here at Taking It to the House as a former O-lineman grunt “back in the day”, I appreciate these intregal players.  BTW: The NFL lost one of the best O-linemen ever when Jonathan “J.O” Ogden retired this off-season.


T.I.T.T.H Top 10 Greatest Offensive Tackles

  1. Anthony Munoz – Cincinati Bengals (HOF)
  2. Art Shell – Oakland Raiders (HOF)
  3. Rayfield Wright – Dallas Cowboys (HOF)
  4. Jonathan Ogden – Baltimore Ravens
  5. Roosevelt Brown – New York Giants (HOF)
  6. Walter Jones – Seattle Seahawks*
  7. Forrest Gregg – Green Bay Packers (HOF)
  8. Orlando Pace – St. Louis Rams*
  9. Gary Zimmerman – Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos (HOF)
  10. Bob St. Clair – San Francisco 49ers (HOF)


Honorable Mention: Dan Dierdorf (HOF), Joe Jacoby, Willie Roaf, Jackie Slater (HOF), Jimbo Covert, Mike Munchack (HOF), Bob Brown (HOF), Tarik Glenn, Eric Williams, Chris Hinton, Tony Bosselli, Lomas Brown, Jim “Jumbo” Elliott, Ron Yary, Richmond Webb, Tra Thomas*, Willie Anderson*, Flozelle Adams*, Chris Samuels*, Todd Steussie


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