Taking It to the House: Top 10 Greatest Centers

T.I.T.T.H Top 10 Greatest Centers

  1. Mike Webster – Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs (HOF)
  2. Dwight Stephenson – Miami Dolphins (HOF)
  3. Dermotti Dawson – Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Jim Otto – Oakland Raiders (HOF)
  5. Mick Tingelhoff – Minnesota Vikings
  6. Ray Donaldson – Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys
  7. Jim Ringo – Green Bay Packers (HOF)
  8. Chuck Bednarik – Philadelphia Eagles (HOF Two-Way C/MLB)
  9. Kevin Mawae – Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans*
  10. Jim Langer – Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings (HOF)

Honorable Mention: Randy Cross – San Francisco 49ers, Frank Gatski (HOF), Mark Stepnoski, Jeff Van Note, Dave Rimington, Jeff Saturday*, Olin Kreutz*, Casey Wiegmann, Raleigh McKenzie, Mel Hein (HOF), Matt Birk*, Bill Curry


One Response

  1. You didn’t even give Bruce Matthews honorable mention?

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