Eagles Training Camp Blues

(Philadelphia, Pa) — A loyal reader of mine and someone that I would consider an astute Birds fan sent me a link from a Philadelphia Weekly blog entitled “Why Eagles Training Camp Sucks“.

You can read my response to him below


I like the writer’s thought pattern that Eagles training camp news is overblown, but we all know there is a market (blogs, WIP, 950, Inquirer, Daily News, etc) for it.    There are probably a million Eagles fans out there and trust me,  that group plus the blog writer are watching/listening to every little morsel to see “how” the Eagles ’08 season pans out. 

However the overriding thought to me regarding the 2008 Eagles Training Camp is that people are not “juiced” about this team.   The Phillies are playing well and the environment around the Eagles is too unsettled for their elusive Super Bowl title to come to fruition and fans know it.  I see a 9-7 or 10-6 season at best.  

Sure a lot of people will point out that the Giants went from 10-6 in the regular season to the Super Bowl title in ’07.  But to everyone that subscribes to that example, I have to be the bad guy and burst your bubble by saying, “The ’08 Eagles so far are not even close to last year’s G-Men”.   

The factors include:

  • No Strahan type leadership (Perception that McNabb is more about himself and how healthy are other leadership veterans Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas)
  • A defensive scheme that is stale (Spagnuolo’s scheme was fresh producing an NFL high 53 regular season sacks while Jim Johnson seems to have lost his fastball)
  • LB’s that are average at best (only 3 sacks and 2 interceptions by the whole group in ’07)
  • Injuries already (Samuel, Abiamiri, Jackson, Boiman, etc)
  • Contract squabbles w/ key players i.e. Brian Westbrook
  • The “crazy” Shawn Andrews situation (pardon the pun), when will this guy ever show and what can be done to fix his issues
  • A franchise quarterback that is on the way out the door
  • A ownership group willing to “settle” for mostly second-tier off-season aquisitions
  • No Plaxico Burress type receiver (where is the WR that scares defenses)
  • Rookies that will probably spend the whole year “learning” the system (Giants played 7 plus contributing rookies in the post seasson).  

Maybe I am being my usual overly “pessimistic” scorned Philadelphian self.  But for now the Birds are looking up at their division from the 3rd spot.  Of course I do reserve the right to change my opinion after my visit to Lehigh next week :)

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