NFL Teams Get to 53-player limit

The “Turk” came calling around the NFL on Saturday August 30th and one of the casualties was Bucs QB Chris Simms, but we are sure he was happy to receive his walking papers

(Philadelphia, Pa) — It was cut day around the NFL on Saturday August 30th at 4:00 PM and the “Turk” was very active this year with NFL veterans.  It seems with teams spending large amounts of dollars on rookies and free agents, that the expected learning curve for teams is steeper with expectations that players will grasp it quickly or be gone.  There are too many hungry out of work players that want an NFL chance, so every year around this time the harsh reality that football is a “business” rears its ugly head.  Continue reading


Can Olympic Champ Usain Bolt Make It in the NFL

Everyone wants to know if Olympic sprinting champion Usain Bolt with his combination of size and speed could make it in the NFL

(Philadelphia, Pa) — Ever since Usain Bolt of Jamaica blazed his way to Olympic glory by winning three sprinting events in world record fashion —  won gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in the 100 meters (9.69 seconds), 200 meters (19.30 seconds), and 4X100 relay (37.10) — I have been inundated with emails and text messages regarding a possible career move for the chest thumping sprinter into football.  Everyone wants to know if Bolt – BTW: great name for a speedster – with his size (6’5, 190) and speed could be the next Terrell Owens (6’3, 220). Sure being tall with the ability to run faster than any man makes you a “special athlete”, but in no way does it guarantee that you will be a top flight NFL receiver.  There are requisite skills that the 22-year old phenom sprinter would need to learn probably over many years before he could even step on an NFL practice field. Impactful NFL receivers have the entire package of strength to beat press coverage, an ability to read coverage, running precision routes with a short choppy cutting running style (track requires long strides), following the flight of a ball into their hands while running, and the courage to secure a catch with defensive backs baring down on them all while playing in pads and a helmet. Football is a game that requires instincts, quickness, intellect, agility, toughness, awareness, and several other characteristics that can compensate for pure speed. Having blazing speed can get a receiver past someone on a go route, but not being able to stay in bounds, get off a jam, take a hit, or most importantly catching and holding onto a ball can cause a “world class” sprinter to be a non-entity on the football field.  Continue reading

Restoring the Roar – Lincoln University (PA) Returns to the Gridiron

Lincoln University (PA) one of the original HBCU football giants returns to action on August 30, 2008 for the first time in 48 years as they host George Mason

By Lloyd Vance, Football Historian

(Philadelphia, Pa) – When most people think of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) football, first thoughts usually conjure up images of an electric atmosphere, pageantry, precision marching bands, camaraderie in the stands, rivalry games called “Classics” and legendary coaches like Grambling State’s Eddie Robinson, Tennessee State’s John Merritt, Florida A&M’s Jake Gaither, Cheyney State/Central State/Florida A&M’s Billy Joe and Morgan State’s Earl Banks patrolling the sidelines versus each other.  But a new chapter in HBCU football history will emerge on August 30, 2008 as upstart head coach O.J. Abanishe leads sleeping HBCU football giant Lincoln University (PA) “Back to the Future” by returning to the gridiron for the first since 1960. Continue reading

Restoring the Roar – Part 2

Lincoln University (PA) will return to the gridiron for the first time in 48 years on August 30, 2008.  Hopefully the return of Lincoln football will also rekindle their great rivalry with Howard University in the near future.  This photo is from the 1948 Lincln-Howard game played at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC

Restoring the Roar Part (PART 2)

by Lloyd Vance, Football Historian

The annual Howard-Lincoln homecoming football game also was an “institution” every November for spectators and was considered the crown jewel of northern African American culture — the 1927 game flyer even said of the Lincoln-Howard classic, “If you are progressive, you’ll be there”.  The “big game” was so gigantic that entire African American communities in the Mid-Atlantic region practically shutdown for one week a year just for the event.  In it’s heyday (20’s, 30’s, and 40’s) the Lincoln-Howard Classic brought people from far and wide (some folks even came from California just for the game) by bus, car, plane, and special event trains called “Flyers” that had distinct heritage routes.  It didn’t matter if you were an alum or subway alumni (term created for non-college attendees that still heartily rooted for a particular school), as everyone wanted yearly bragging rights for the “homecoming” rivalry game in places like black owned businesses, churches, alumni/fraternity/sorority functions, social clubs, watering holes, barbershops, beauty salons, public transportation, and any other setting where African Americans congregated. Continue reading

Timeline of Lincoln University (PA) Football

By Lloyd Vance, Football Historian

  • 1854 – Lincoln University (PA) is founded as Ashmun Institute by Rev. John Miller Dickey, a Presbyterian minister, and his wife, Sarah Emlen Cresson (a Quaker) and named after Jehudi Ashmum, a religious leader and social reformer


  • 1865 – The Civil War ends with General Lee surrendering to General Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865


  • 1866 – Ashmun Institute is renamed “Lincoln University” after the death of President Abraham Lincoln on April 15, 1865


  • 1869 – On November 6, 1869, Northeastern predominantly white universities   Rutgers and Princeton play the first organized football game ever on


  • 1892 – On November 23, 1892 (Thanksgiving), the first organized football game between two predominantly African American teams is played by southern schools Biddle (Later Johnson C. Smith) and Livingstone on a rainy afternoon.  Biddle wins the game by a score of 4-0, however the game was largely unnoticed except for the sparse crowd in attendance. 


  • 1894 – In November, Mid-Atlantic schools Lincoln University (PA) and friendly rival school Howard University of Washington DC become the first two African American schools to play organized football in the North with the Lincoln Lions winning by a score of 6-5 over the Howard Bison.  Continue reading

Taking It to the House: SEC Preview

(Philadelphia, Pa) — Here at “Taking It to the House” we are usually almost always about the NFL, but  we are excited to announce that there will be a lot more coverage of College Football around here in ’08.  We have recruited the guy I believe is the rising star of College Football News and Notes in Kevin Hornung, who is the Lead Scout at Great Blue North Draft Report.

I personally discoverd Kevin a few years ago and he brings a passion for College Football like none other.  With all that said, take it away Kevin and we are glad to have you onboard at Taking It to the House.  Kevin will start his tour of everything about College Football with a preview of the SEC Conference, which just happens to be the best conference of the Saturday Game. Continue reading

Holdout Watchlist: Regular Season

(Philadelphia, Pa) – Holdouts are always big news during training camp, but once the regular season starts and teams get in the weekly NFL grind, holdout players often become forgotten men — See Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell last season and going back in the day Mike Richardson and Todd Bell missed out on a Super Bowl title with the 1985 champion Chicago Bears.  With teams starting to game plan for their regular season week one opponents and tough roster decisions to be made (Cutdown to 53 players is August 30th @ 4 PM), holdouts are out of sight and out of mind. Continue reading