Favre Now Says His Packers Career is Over

(Philadelphia, Pa) — Just when I thought I was out… They pull me back in.  That line sums up mine and probably every other person’s feelings toward the Brett Favre situation.  After all appeared to be well on Sunday with Commissioner Roger Goodell’s re-instatement and Favre flying to Green Bay on Monday.  Tuesday brought another turn to this rollercoaster melodrama as Favre after meeting with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said that the two sides had reached an impasse in discussions. 

Apparently the discussion went bad enough that Favre learned that there would not be a “competition” for the starting job, then left camp shortly after and returned to his Wisconsin home.  The situation is so dire that Favre is now talking about setting up an amicable separation from the team that he is synonymous with leading.  In a recent conversation with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Favre said of the situation “We’re at a stalemate, Mike and I both agreed last night that me being out there is a distraction and will continue to be a distraction. We all know the reason I’m here is because the commissioner (Roger Goodell) reinstated me so we have a lot of things to figure out. It’s simple and complicated, both at the same time.”

With the new developments it seems that Favre’s only options are to 1) Retire (probably taking the Packers’ $20 Million dollar marketing deal), 2) Let the Packers trade him (all indications are that the Packers refuse to send #4 within the NFC North division so the Vikings are out with the Tampa Buccaneers looking like the leaders for the veteran quarterback), or 3) Sit tight while waiting for a release that probably will never happen given Favre’s frosty relationship with GM Ted Thompson.

There are grudges on both sides and it is going to probably to a miracle or Commissioner Goodell to sort out this ugly situation that has dragged on terminally. Favre said of how he feels right now about his relationship with the Packers front office i.e. Thompson, “The problem is that there’s been a lot of damage done and I can’t forget it”. No. 4 added, “Stuff has been said, stories planted, that just aren’t true. Can I get over all that? I doubt it.”

I will hold out hope that this state of affairs can finally be put to rest by the end of this week, so that the NFL can finally move on.  But don’t hold your breath as Favre’s off-season chronicles has more episodes than noted 70’s mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man.



 Lloyd Vance is a Sr. NFL Writer/Analyst for Taking It to the House and an award winning member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA)


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