Forget Tampa Bay as Favre Lands in the Big Apple

(Philadelphia, Pa) — In hopefully the final chapter in the Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers irrevocably broken month-long fiasco, the Packers have apparently sent the 38-year old quarterback to the New York Jets. is reporting Favre has indeed been traded to the Jets for unknown compensation, probably a single draft pick (my guess is a 3rd pick) that can increase in depending on team and personal incentives for the 2008 season.

The move by the Packers to send Favre to New York City was clearly a move to avoid facing the jilted veteran quarterback in the regular season – Packers were set to meet the Bucs on September 28th.  Apparently the Buccaneers did not receive any call-backs from Packers GM Ted Thompson or the Packers front-office as the New York Jets were clearly the target all along.

I am sure the deal has provisions that the Jets cannot send Favre to the Vikings or any other team in a re-direct, but the first big hurdle of this deal is to see if “Small-town” Favre is ready for the hustle and bustle of New York City.  I am about 80% sure at this time Favre will report as this seems to be his only option other than retiring.  I hope the three-time MVP knows what he is getting himself into in New York as the media is merciless, the Jets were 4-12 last year, and their receiving core is “average”, which is being nice.

The Jets owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannebaum clearly wanted their team back in contention for 2008 as they spent millions upgrading their D-line (Drafted DE Vernon Gholston, Traded for DT Keith Jenkins, and signed DE/OLB Calvin Pace) and  O-line (brought in Pete Kendall in ’07 and recently signed RT Damian Woody) placing high expectations on head coach Eric Mangini.  But now Mangini and  Jets will have the durable big-armed quarterback that they have coveted as Favre will bring a multitude of skills that current starter Chad Pennington does not posses, especially the ability to avoid injuries.  Pennington seems the logical player out the door as Favre enters, learning the Jets ball-control offense will take some time.

The task to get Favre up to speed will fall on 33-year old youngster Brian Schottenheimer, who is known as a rising star around the league.  But this is NFL royalty we are talking about here and will Favre acquiesce to such a young coach.  With the Jets expected to release Pennington along with his $6 million dollar salary by this weekend, the quarterbacks sharing reps will be Favre, Kellen Clemens, QB/WR Brad Smith and rookies Erik Ainge and Brett Ratliff. 

Hopefully Favre reports ready to work and things work out with the Jets back in the playoffs, however  remember the 18-1 Patriots are lurking ready to clobber the AFC East division including Favre.  I could easily see this situation becoming a repeat of another old Jets quarterback looking for one more shot at the end of his career. 

Historians like myself can still easily picture a creaky Joe Namath going off to the L.A Rams in ’77 looking for one last shot at glory on the way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and I know Favre does not want me to mention how that one turned out.


Lloyd Vance is a Sr. NFL Writer/Analyst for Taking It to the House and an award winning member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA)


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  1. I like Brett Favre and respect his decision to continue playing with the hapless Jets. However, Brett Favre has no idea what he has gotten himself into. The New York media is NOTHING like the Green Bay media which treated him like a legend and icon for many years. A few bad games (and there will be many of those) the media will be in his grill and poor Brett will quickly question WHY he came out of retirement. Good luck Brett!

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