NFL Teams Get to 53-player limit

The “Turk” came calling around the NFL on Saturday August 30th and one of the casualties was Bucs QB Chris Simms, but we are sure he was happy to receive his walking papers

(Philadelphia, Pa) — It was cut day around the NFL on Saturday August 30th at 4:00 PM and the “Turk” was very active this year with NFL veterans.  It seems with teams spending large amounts of dollars on rookies and free agents, that the expected learning curve for teams is steeper with expectations that players will grasp it quickly or be gone.  There are too many hungry out of work players that want an NFL chance, so every year around this time the harsh reality that football is a “business” rears its ugly head. 

Two stories really jumped out at me from Saturdays cuts.

  • Quarterback Chris Simms (son of CBS broadcaster and former Giants Super Bowl quarterback Phil Simms) was finally released by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers thus ending an ugly soap opera.  You may remember that Bucs head coach Jon Gruden said that there was no animosity toward Simms after the young quarterback had a gripe with the team over their handling of his potentially life-threatening ruputured spleen injury in September 2006 when he was the team’s starter.  The Bucs had questioned Simms toughness and went out of their way (some say overboard) to make his life miserable.  Simms however kept his mouth shut and stuck it out all through ’08 OTA’s and training camp even though he was getting little to no reps.  With no trading partner in sight Gruden and GM Bruce Allen finally gave Simms his walking papers.  I am already hearing the Bears, Ravens, Chiefs, and Vikings are interested.
  • Surprisingly the re-tooling Cincinnati Bengals with coach Marvin Lewis on the hot seat decided to jettison two quality players in my opinion in long-time offensive starters running back Rudi Johnson and left tackle Willie Anderson.  Johnson despite over 5,000 yards in his Bengals career due to injuries and a need to have a better pass-catching back.  Anderson at 33-years old was simply too expensive to be a backup after Stacy Andrews moved past him after signing a big contract extension.

Other notable cuts were: DT Larry Tripplett (Seattle), WR Jayson Foster (Dolphins), Green Bay Packers running backs Vernand Morency and Noah Herron, Broncos QB Darrell Hackney; Lions LB Darnell Bing (former high draftee of the Raiders), LB Buster Davis (former FSU star cut last year too by Cardinals after being a high draftee) and former NY Yankee baseball player / NFL flameout quarterback Drew Henson;  Patriots DB Fernando Bryant, QB Matt Gutierrez, Victor Hobson, and guard John Welbourn; The Cowboys cut WR Danny Amendola, DB Keon Lattimore (Ray Lewis’ little brother), and De Marcus Dixon; Tennessee Titans waived RB Omar Cuff, S Calvin Lowry, and QB Ingle Martin; The Colts cut QB’s Jared Lorenzen and Quinn Gray plus added LB Tyjuan Hagler and OG Ryan Lilja to the Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list; Vikings QB Brooks Brooks Bollinger; Chiefs WR Jabari Arthur, WR Bobby Sippio; Giants QB Andre’ Woodson; The Eagles cut DE Jerome McDougle and TE Kris Wilson; Jets DB Hank Poteat and AFL WR Larry Brackins; Falcons waived: QB Joey Harrington and TE Marcus Pollard; Chargers LB Carlos Polk and WR Mark Jones; Cardinals QB Anthony Morelli; Steelers placed QB Charlie Batch on I/R and  WR/KR Eddie Drummond, DT Scott Paxson, WR Willie Reid were cut; Redskins WR Billy McMullen and CB Byron Westbrook (Brian Westbrook’s brother); The Ravens placed CB David Pittman and RB Cory Ross on I/R;  The Texans released Roosevelt Colvin and Marcel Shipp; Saints cut WR Skyler Green, DT Orien Harris and QB Tyler Palko; 49ers cut WR Ashley Lelie and DT LaJuan Ramsey; Jags: Bo Schobel, WR D’Juan Woods; Rams cut WR Marques Hagans and C Donovan Raiola

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