Patriots Send Simms and Rattay Packing

From the strange world of “Belichick Only Knows”.  The Patriots brought in quarterbacks Chris Simms and Tim Rattay on Monday, only to tell them once they arrived to “Go Home”.  Apparently Belichick and the Patriots front-office decided to give new starter Matt Cassel a chance before exploring other possibilities.  Cassel and 3rd round draft pick Kevin O’Connell will serve as the starter and backup for the Pats “Spygate” grudge match with the NY Jets in the Meadowlands.  I am assuming that if either Cassel or O’Connell get hurt during the Jets game that the Patriots would turn to former high school and brief college quarterback veteran receiver Kelley Washington. 

Though Simms and Rattay were told the situation had changed and they no longer were needed and left Foxborough without working out or a contract.  However they both better stay by the phone since situations in the NFL can change as fast as a zone-blitz.  I am sure the Chiefs and Titans will also want to talk with the free agents along with the recently “retired” Daunte Culpepper.;

Some are saying that the Patriots are leaning toward Culpepper due to his familiarity with Patriots receiver Randy Moss.  I am sure in the next few days/weeks that the Patriots will settle their unsettled signal caller situation.  But one thing is for sure is that quarterback Superman Tom Brady will surely be missed.


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