Hochuli e-mailing apologies

From the quit while your ahead file, beleaguered NFL referee Ed Hochuli – if you were on Mars, he was the guy that blew the fumble call in the Broncos 39-38 win over the Chargers — is trying to be a “stand up” guy. To his credit, the stout NFL referee is admitting his mistake by reportedly apologizing via email to the many (probably thousands) angry emails sent by Chargers fans. Hochuli said to The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper, “I’m getting hundreds of emails — hate mail — but I’m responding to it all. People deserve a response”.

It is great that Hochuli is trying to own up to his mistake, but we know after awhile everyone including the fans needs to move on, as the NFL season is only two weeks old.  Sure the muscular referee blew the call, but need I remind Chargers fans that the Bolts allowed 486 total yards to the Broncos, had 8 penalties for 60 yards, 1 turnover, only held the ball for 26 minutes, had zero sacks, and allowed rookie receiver Eddie Royal to catch a two-point conversion between three defenders in the loss.  The NFL unfortunately always will have these types of situations due to ambiguous rules sometimes.

I am also haunted by a play where the men in stripes blew a call and I don’t know if I ever will get over it.  My horrifical is known as the bad-spot “quick-stick” measurement around Philadelphia.  The play occured on November 29, 1992 in Candlestick Park as the Eagles played the Niners.  Late in the 4th quarter, the Eagles came up a millimeter short via a weird measuring device called a “quickstick” after Randall Cunningham clearly got a first down on a 4th and long run deep in Niners territory.  The bad call stopped a game-winning drive as the relieved Niners and their fans celebrated a tainted 20-14 loss while conversely F-bombs were flying all over Philadelphia. 

I know it will not soothe Chargers fans feelings, but I am sure that a letter of apology from the NFL is on the way to the team and apparently Hochuli’s sparkling officiating record is now permanently marked in red pen from the event.


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