Cowboys Are NFL’s Richest Franchise

Well the ballots are in and maybe Tony Kornheiser’s rant about the Cowboys as greatest U.S pro sports franchise over the vaunted NY Yankees is correct — BTW: Kornheiser’s MNF diatribe “The Blue Star trumps all” made many people grab a barf bag, especially in Philadelphia.  The Forbes Magazines annual ranking of NFL franchises showed the Cowboys are the top dogs in the NFL when it comes to money as Jerry Jones’ team was valued at $1.612 billion.  The ‘Boys were followed by the Redskins ($1.538 billion), Patriots ($1.324 billion), Giants ($1.178 billion) and the Jets ($1.178 billion).

Now we all know why Jerry Jones can afford to build a billion dollar palace of a stadium including $20,000 dollar Seat Licenses, a field-length high definition scoreboard, and internet/cable in every players locker stall.  Love’em or Hate’em everything is done big in Texas and the Cowboys do indeed have the NFL’s best brand. 

Now if only the Cowboys could just equate  their notoriety (featured team on HBO show Hard Knocks), the tons of money that Jones has spent,  their millions of fans, and a truckload of Pro Bowl talent (13 players) into rebuilding their legacy (5 Super Bowl titles, but no playoff wins since 1996).


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