Not Ocho Cinco, just yet

If the NFL and their licensees have anything to say, #85 will be C. Johnson for quite awhile and not “Ocho Cinco”

 Before Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson can wear a jersey with his new surname on the back, he first must buy every “C. Johnson” jersey for sale nationwide. Good luck #85 as there are thousands at a production cost of about $48 apiece. NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said, “When a player requests a name change or a number change, the player is responsible for that unsold inventory”.

As much as I think Johnson is a self serving me-me-me player, I do believe that the NFL is sticking to him by not allowing his new surname.  I am sure if he had changed it for religous reasons like former Vikings receiver Ahmad Rashad (former Bobby Moore) that the NFL would have never enacted this laughable rule.


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