Looks like Kiffin will be the first coach in the unemployment line

Unfortunately an “I told you so” moment is coming soon in Oakland, probably this weekend after an expected loss to the Chargers, as owner Al Davis is ready to pull the plug on the Lane Kiffin era after only 19 games.  We all know Davis will never be happy with a coach and they are hired just to be fired – seven coaches since 1995 and a record of 20-63 since losing in Super Bowl XXXV. 

The young (33-year old) head coach is walking on eggshells weekly, but his comments directly at Davis and his confidant defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after a week one loss probably have sealed his doom.  I thought the door was going to hit the young coach after the Raiders’ final-second 24-23 loss in Buffalo, but Al wanted the second-year head coach to be left out in limbo longer until he could both hands o the rug before he pulls it out from under Kiffin.  

Kiffin said of the situation at his Monday press conference, “Until I’m told by Al Davis that I’m not the head coach here anymore, we’re going to keep plugging away the same way we have been. So I’ve not been told by Al Davis that I’m not the head coach, so until he tells me directly we’ll keep plugging away. I’m not going to – there’s so many conversations around here that go on and to get into that – I’m not going to get into that right now ….. There’s no way I’m quitting.”

Memo to Rams head coach Scott Linehan after a 0-3 start including giving up an NFL worst 116 points and following up last year’s 3-13 finish, you are probably next as Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom has promised changes.  A desperate Linehan will go with veteran QB Trent Green in week 4 instead of Marc Bulger, but does anyone really think Bulger is their problem.


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