Millen Finally Let Go as Lions Figurehead

Maybe Billy Jr does carry some clout after all… Apparently after some disparaging remarks by the Lions VP earlier in the week about struggling General Manager, team president, and CEO of the Detroit Lions Matt Millen.  The embattled GM stepped down after seven seasons according to a report by’s Jay Glazer.  

Millen was informed of the move during a meeting with the Lions’ leadership on Tuesday night.  The report wasn’t clear on whether Millen stepped down during the meeting or if Lions officials fired him.  But I am sure that William Clay Sr finally listened to his son Bill Ford Jr,  after the younger Ford made it clear changes needed to be made at the top of one of the NFL’s worst franchises in recent years.  You could say, “The Wool was finally pulled from” the eyes of Ford Sr as he could no longer keep Millen as the head football man in Motor CIty, even though the two were very close.

Since Millen’s hiring in 2001, the former linebacker and broadcaster turned football administrator had rode the Lions aground (were 9-7 in 2000) compiling an embarrassing 31-84 record (winning pct of 37%) including a high win total of seven in ’07 — last in the playoffs in ’99.  Millen always pinned the blame on the four coaches and maybe five (Rod Marinelli is struggling too) that he hand picked.  But after losing season after losing season and picking notable first-round draft busts WR Mike Williams, WR Charles Rogers, and QB Joey Harrington to name few, enough was enough.

Now Millen can possibly return to the booth where it is a lot safer and fans will not be holding marchs to get him fired if he stinks.  As for the Lions fans, they can finally turn their attention to the field where the Leos have compiled an 0-3 so far this season.  The Millen-less era of football starts in week 5 against NFC North rival the Chicago Bears after the Lions re-group during their bye week.


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