Culpepper is almost back in the NFL

After a hasty “retirement”, it seems only a matter of time before Daunte Culpepper is back in the NFL

(Philadelphia, PA) — When Daunte Culpepper announced a very hasty and contrite retirement right at the start of the 2008 NFL Season, I was skeptical.

But as the months passed and the injuries at the quarterback position piled up around the NFL — over 43 quarterbacks have started moving closer to 2007’s NFL record for most starting quarterbacks (64) — you knew Culpepper would get a call.    

Culpepper recently put himself back into the mix with the following statement, “A number of teams have contacted me since my retirement announcement and have provided some important information that has caused me to reconsider returning to the league. As much as I have enjoyed my brief break from playing, I know that I love the game and I have some unfinished business in the NFL. It has never been because of a lack of passion for the game but rather the absence of a fair opportunity to complete and play that caused me to retire. Now that there are some real opportunities that match my desire to play, I will choose the one that is the best fit for both the team and me so that I can continue my NFL career. For the second half of this season, I hope to play a role in helping a team win some games. I want to thank all of those who encouraged me to ‘keep a light on’ for the right NFL opportunity that would eventually come back to me.”

The call finally came this week as Culpepper almost joined the hapless Chiefs and had a physical/workout with the Lions.  In his own words in a recent email Culpepper said, “I had a great workout and meetings with the Lions today”.

We will see if all of the buzz around Culpepper will equate into an NFL contract, but I truly believe a team will take a chance on him.  Maybe the Cowboys (Brad Johnson struggling), Patriots (need veteran backup for Cassel), Packers (need veteran behind Aaron Rodgers), and Bengals (Carson Palmer probably will go on I/R) should join the Chiefs and Lions in taking a look at Culpepper.

For his 10-year career, the three-time Pro Bowl player has passing numbers of 1867-2927, 63.8%, 22,422 yards, 142 TDs, and 94 INTs with 484 rushes for 2536 yards and 33 TDs.  His resume and numbers clearly show he deserves another shot. 

Good Luck Daunte !!


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  1. WTG…….Daunte

    Good luck in Detroit

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