McNabb Era Seems to be Coming to an End


Things sure do not look good for McNabb returning to the Birds in ’09 after a tie with the lowly Bengals that has made the Eagles and  #5 the laughingstock of the NFL

I have been in the corner of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb throughout his franchise record-setting 10-year career with the team, but his play and comments this week about the Birds tie against the lowly Bengals are indefensible.  The Bengals tie maybe the final straw that finally leads to McNabb changing addressess.

McNabb, coming off a lackluster home performance against the division leading Giants, first let his buddy Bengals WR Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson cut into the Eagles warm-up line to catch a pass minutes before the start of the game.  Then McNabb went out and played one of his worst games in a long time throwing three interceptions (first time since 2006) and one costly fumble deep in Birds’ territory in a feels like a defeat 13-13 tie with the 1-8-1 Bengals.  The 10-year veteran has started slow all season, but he could never find his rhythm against the Bengals lowly ranked defense even though the Birds abandoned the run (60 pass plays to only 18 runs) and it showed in his numbers (28-58, 339, 1 TD, 3 INTs).

To end an “eventful” day, McNabb in a “foot-in-mouth” moment, admitted that he didn’t know that an NFL  could end in a tie (did you ever look at the standings on, it show “W” for wins, “L” for losses, and I think the “T” stands for ties).  Everyone killed McNabb over the comment from NBC’s Tiki Barber, who said “That’s an indefensible comment that he made” to ESPN’s Tom Jackson who said, “How do you not know?  It’s common knowledge” to angry Philadelphia radio caller/message board typists – checkout one of my favorites from the a message board, “Wow, McNabb is delusional.” 

In the end, the Eagles are trying to circle the wagons at 5-4-1 with a flickering hope that they can still make the playoffs (can probably only lose one more game as 10 wins are needed in the NFC this year to get in the playoffs).  But I truly believe if the Eagles get to 7 losses then the Kevin Kolb (2nd round pick in ’07) era will begin in Philadelphia.  You can clearly see that change is coming in Philly and I believe McNabb will get the brunt of the change by being jettisoned in the off-season.

It looks like the man that holds almost every single Eagles passing record will be elsewhere next year (can you say Minnesota, Chicago, or Carolina ???).  But who knows if McNabb and the Eagles can turn their problems around by stringing together some wins starting this week against the angry Ravens…. But don’t hold your breath as I see an unhappy ending to this 10-year relationship.


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  1. Donovan McNabb probably has out done his welcome in Philadelphia. I noticed a change with the fans when Jeff Garcia was replacing him during his injury. The Eagles fans really wanted Garcia to stay. Nothing has been the same after Garcia has departed. Donovan needs to probably start looking for a new team. Hopefully, he can go to a team and win a Super Bowl. I don’t think he has the weapons in Philadephia to win anymore.

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