Teams Establish NFL Scoring Record in Week 12

In more proof the NFL needs to work on their defenses, the Monday Night Football 51-29 win by New Orleans over Green Bay boosted the National Football League to the first 800-point weekend in its history. A total of 837 points were scored in the league’s Week 12 games (it averaged out to more than 50 points per game), the most ever in a single NFL weekend. The previous record was 788 points, set three times back in 2002, 2004 and 2007.   Games this season are averaging 45 points. If that holds up, it would top last season’s average of 43.4 points and the record average since the 16-game schedule was instituted in 1978 of 43.7 points per game in 1983. 

The scoring record comes as no surprise to me as many coaches are subscribing to the Andy Reid school of Passing, Passing, and More Passing.  A lot of fans like the pinball machine type games in the NFL, but this NFL writer is all about running the ball and playing good defense.  I guess I am an East Coast football advocate — cold weather in November, running the ball through the elements/mud, and bonecrunching Reggie White type defense.  I am sure in the playoffs, we will see more my style of play around the NFL.


2 Responses

  1. It shows how weak the defenses have become…The talk about breaking records…This would have never happened in the 80’s……A similar discussion has been started at …Please go and post your reviews

  2. Could not believe some of those high scores at the weekend and I thought perhaps a record was broken. Thanks for the stats and info!

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