2008 NFL Season Honors Getting Closer

Whether it is emailers, callers, or co-workers everyone wants to know “Who are my current picks for the major awards this season?”  Of course with four weeks remaining these picks are preliminary and open to change. 

Coach of the Year: Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons – Team is (8-4) and right in middle of the playoff hunt after being picked to win around 6 games (runner-ups Colts Tony Dungy and Ravens John Harbaugh)

Rookie of the Year: RB Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans – This mercurial rookie is the key to the Titans’ offense as he has run for an NFL sixth highest total of 958 yards and proved he can carry the playoff load (runner-ups Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Ravens QB Joe Flacco)

Most Valuable Player: Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals – The graybeard quarterback is looking like his old “Greatest Show on Turf” former Rams self  — seems to have thrown for over 300 yards every game – and Warner has the Cardinals on the brink of winning their first division title since 1975 (runner-ups Colts QB Peyton Manning, Titans DT Albert Haynesworth, Giants RB Brandon Jacobs and Giants DE Justin Tuck)


2 Responses

  1. I 100% agree with Chris!!
    I still believe in the MVP spot, they toss that away to QB’s …….why not a defensive MVP? we’ve not had once since 1986. Food for thought!

  2. I like your choice for COY, but I disagree with the other two. There are so many rookie RBs (Johnson, Forte, Slaton) who have made great impacts on their teams. RBs usually adjust faster than most positions. What Matt Ryan is doing in Atlanta is amazing. He looks like a seasoned veteran. He’s my choice.

    I had Warner for MVP up until two weeks ago. After losing to the Giants and the Eagles, I would say Eli is the favorite now. I do like that you included Haynseworth and Tuck in the discussion.

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