Eagles Feature Interview Questions: WR Danny Amendola

Eagles receiver Danny Amendola is a scrappy player, who has an interesting story and background.  I believe the questions  that I would ask of him would bring to life a “Rudy” type player that has the potential to be a fan favorite.

— The 2008 NFL Season was an interesting one for you as you were a featured Dallas Cowboys player on HBO’s Hard Knocks reality series.  What was it like to be a reality TV star and did you think being on the series was a good or bad thing?

–What was your relationship like with fellow Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens and did he give you any pointers while you were on the practice squad?

–During the whole T.O versus Tony Romo and Jason Witten situation how did you and the rest of the locker-room handle the situation and the media frenzy?

–Did you go against Pacman Jones in practice a lot, what was the experience like, and does he talk a lot of trash?

–After the Cowboys released you, what made you decide to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles?

–Your now with the Philadelphia Eagles, how is the Eagles system and receivers coach David Culley different from your time with the Cowboys and WR’s coach Ray Sherman?

–What do you think of the Eagles current receiving corps and do you believe that you have a legitimate shot at making the team?

–Have the Eagles coaches told you which receivers you are in direct competition with (Reggie Brown, Shareer McBride, Brandon Gibson, or others) for a roster spot?

–Are the Eagles looking at you at all three receiver positions (X, Y, and Z) or are you mainly being looked at as a slot receiver like veteran Jason Avant?

–What was your nickname with the Cowboys…Did you know former Eagles first round pick and 4th and 26 hero Freddie Mitchell among his many nicknames used to call himself “The Sultan of the Slot”, do you plan taking that moniker?

–Compare the type of ball that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb throws compared to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo?

–You have experience in college as a punt returner (ranked 3rd All-time at Texas Tech with an 11.06 average), is there a chance you could help the Eagles in that area and the other special teams units?

–Your wearing Number #11 with the Birds, did anyone tell you that former Eagles receiver Jeremy Bloom  who was also a former Big 12 smaller receiver (Colorado) wore that number with the team?

–Everyone always talks about your size (5’11, 183), do you believe size is overblown when evaluating a receiver’s qualities and what are the factors that you believe will enhance you sticking around the NFL?

–How fast are you and which NFL receiver past or present are you most compared to?

–When you came out of Texas Tech in 2008, many people compared you to your school’s former star alum Patriots receiver Wes Welker. Have you ever met Wes and if so did he pass along any NFL pointers?

–What was it like to play in Mike Leach’s high-octane Texas Tech offense?

–Do you believe that the NFL will ever consider a Texas Tech quarterback as a high round draft choice?

–What was it like to play with former Texas Tech star receiver Michael Crabtree — now the Niners’ 2009 first pick in 2009. 

–Were you surprised that Crabtree dropped to the 10th overall pick and do you believe he will come to the NFL with a chip on his shoulder?

–Talk about your biggest plays at Texas Tech… the one I remember the most was the fumble you recovered after an interception against Nebraska in 2005

–Talk about playing at Woodlands High in Texas and how important high school football is in small towns throughout the state? 

–What was it like to be a “true” Friday Nights star including leading your school to it’s first Texas State championship game ever and How was it playing for coach Weldon Willig?

–If after training camp in Lehigh University you are on the Eagles regular season roster, who will be the first person you will call with the good news?

–You were a communications major in college, any aspirations of being on the other side of the NFL microphone one day?


Author: lloydvance

Lloyd Vance is a NFL Writer, Analyst, Draft Expert, Researcher, and Historian. He serves as a Editor for "Taking It to the House and he covers the NFL on a daily basis. He is an Accredited Member of NFL Media and Philadelphia Eagles Media. Member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), and The Maxwell Football Club

2 thoughts on “Eagles Feature Interview Questions: WR Danny Amendola”

  1. The key needs are these for next season. A big good running back, a tight end, and a big game breaking wide receiver. I have been writing and following the Eagles since my dad took my first game in 1960. They break your heart all the time. Check out my blog.. Bobby Gee.. It’s different.

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