Lloyd’s Leftovers Email Bag

I reached into my email bag and pulled put one of my favorites.

Greg from Downingtown, PA asked some great questions and I wanted to share my answers on the potpourri of topics:

Greg wrote: What was up with the McNabb’s restructuring and What do you think of the Eagles chances in 2009?

LV’s response: The Birds have had a very good off-season, but I have to wonder how them talking out of both sides of their mouths in terms of business — giving McNabb his restructuring, but no new deals for long term signees like CB Sheldon Brown, DE Trent Cole, DT Mike Patterson, and others —  will affect team chemistry.  They didn’t change McNabb’s years (will still have 2 years to “win” a Super Bowl”), but if he fails after the time both sides can choose to walk.  Remember the Birds will probably not “franchise” a 34 to 35 year old QB in 2011.  I think impending problems with the salary cap (uncapped year in 2010 with the CBA expiring after the 2010 season) had a lot to do with them not extending Big 5.  At least McNabb is happy now and has an extra $6 Million to be paid in Ben Roethlisberger and Matthew Stafford’s neighborhood (BTW: Watchout for the money the NYG QB Eli Manning will get — over 40 Million Guaranteed).

There are a few question marks with the Birds going into Lehigh (Westbrook’s ankle, Team Chemistry over McNabb’s Signing, OT/OG Stacy Andrews knee, Can Sean Jones/Quintin Demps replace Dawkins, How is Kevin Curtis’ groin, and the rookies’ learning curve especially RB LeSean McCoy). But early indications are that the Eagles and Giants will be fighting it out for the top spot in the NFC East.  At least 10-6, but let me see more in training camp.

Greg wrote: Where is Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin going to be playing in 2009?

LV’s response: The Cardinals were never going to trade Boldin during the 2009 NFL Draft unless they got a 1st, 2nd, and possibly another 1st in another year (i.e. Ridiculous Offer).  Boldin will definitely be back now that he got rid of Rosenhaus, who the Cardinals didn’t like plus he is already under contract for 2 more years minimum.  Look for a possible restructuring/extension around mid-training camp if all goes well, but he better not be expecting Larry Fitzgerald type money.

Greg wrote: Is Brett Favre really coming back in 2009 with the Vikings and how will they fare?

LV’s response: Don’t believe any of the hype that Favre is not coming back.  The soon to be 40-year old already has ties to Vikings OC Darrell Bevel and the Vikes have bent over backwards for him.  The only thing is, which player the Vikings are getting at this point, the guy who looked like an MVP in 2007 for Green Bay or the NY Jets quarterback that threw an NFL-high 22 INTs and allowed his team to go 1-4 down the stretch in 2008.  I see Favre playing for the Vikings by training camp, but I am predicting a disaster in terms of team chemistry (see DE Ray Edwards comments) and the old graybeard wanting to mostly play for the Vikings for the wrong reasons (Ego plus revenge against the Packers and GM Ted Thompson).  Look for the Vikings to be 7-9 in 2009 with the Bears winning the NFC North.

Greg wrote: Will Michael Vick be back in the NFL and if so, will he be a “Wildcat” only in his return?

LV’s response: Michael Vick will be back in the NFL as a quarterback.  Of course he will take any opportunity he gets to comeback including playing Wildcat, slot receiver, returner, back-up quarterback, etc.  But if quarterbacks like SF 49ers Damon Huard, Bears Brett Basanez , Chargers Charlie Whitehurst, and other also-rans can have a job in the NFL then I know there is a place for a three-time Pro Bowl player.  The key will be whether Roger Goodell reinstates and/or possibly suspends Vick after he is released from his federal sentence on July 20th.  I see Goodell handing down probably a 4-game suspension with some caveats thrown like Vick can practice with the team during his suspension.

I believe Vick will definitely get his chance again — enough with the protests… we just saw WR Donte Stallworth kill a man and he maybe back in the NFL after only 30 days in jail and meeting with Goodell to talk about his current indefinite NFL suspension.  Look for the St Louis Rams (former ties to GM Bill Devaney during Falcons Days), Oakland Raiders (Al Davis likes 2nd chances), Dallas Cowboys (Jerry Jones needs Romo Insurance), and Jacksonville Jaguars (need a better backup than Todd Bouman) to be in the mix for Vick

Thanks for the great email, Greg

I am asking my other loyal readers to please send over their questions/comments via an email me at lloyd@takingit2thehouse.com … Maybe your email will be answered in my column too.


Lloyd Vance is a Sr. NFL Writer for Taking It to the House and an award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA)

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