Eagles might sign former player Hollis Thomas

This maybe a case of a former team doing a “solid” for a past veteran, but surprisingly the Philadelphia Eagles might be looking to bring in defensive tackle Hollis Thomas.  The big 335 pound run stuffer has been on the market since the end of the 2008 regular season when the New Orleans Saints cut ties him for lack of production – 8 games played (only 2 starts) finishing with 7 total tackles. 

Recently Eagles team spokesman, Derek Boyko, told the media that indeed last month (June) that the team had Thomas in for a physical. Thomas a gregarious player with a solid anchor was always a fan favorite during his time with the Birds from 1996-2006.  However the former Northern Illinois undrafted free agent, who was first noticed by the Eagles in a highlight video with the hip-hop soundtrack “I’m no joke”, seems to be close to end of his productive NFL career.

The 35-year old has spent the last three seasons with Saints, but injuries have definitely taken a toll on his fire hydrant-like body.  Right now I think both sides are in the exploratory mode until training camp starts on July 25th at Lehigh University.  But if Thomas does join the Eagles as a space-eater he will have to compete with younger players Mike Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley, Trevor Laws, Dan Klecko, and rookie Jervonte Jackson for playing time.

Thomas’ current career numbers after 12 NFL seasons stands at 368 tackles, 7 Forced Fumbles, and 20 sacks.


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  1. I have always been in favor of giving the old timers a last look. Coach George Allen said it best when he (paraphrasing): Rookies you have to tell where to go. Veterans already know.

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