Philadelphia Eagles Bye Week Questions – Michael Vick

Is the “Michael Vick” experiment working out and is he as big of a distraction as some expected?

When Vick joined the Eagles back earlier in the preseason, an expected hail storm of negative attention (threatened pickets, fans saying they would turn in their Birds’ colors, sports radio in Philly blowing up, etc).  But after the initial onslaught, I have to say Vick quietly has moved into the background as the third quarterback on a contending team.  After a standing ovation and some spotty play against that Jags and Jets in the preseason, the initial “buzz” about Vick was dulled by the start of the regular season and it was lower further during his two-game suspension to start the season. 

In terms of on the field, Vick looks and plays like a guy that has been out of football for two years.  I think the public has finally realized after his highly anticipated debut against the Chiefs that produced little sizzle – numbers of 0 for 2 passing and one run for 7 yards) – that Vick will be a spare part on the Eagles and that he is nowhere near ready to be the Birds’ starter.  In the Chiefs game, Vick got in for 11 plays. He lined up at receiver once, took the snap in shotgun formation nine times and was directly under center once. Kolb was on the sideline for the 10 plays Vick was in at QB. Vick said of his play against the Chiefs, “It’s a different role, but it is what it is, it was a small look. We have so much in store for the future.”

But don’t go thinking that Big 5 will be happily standing on the sidelines for 10 plays, like Kolb did, for Vick because McNabb’s rhythm is everything as he is a very streaky passer.  With McNabb’s expected return against the Bucs, Eagles fans can expect to see less of Vick – maybe 5 or less “Wildcat” snaps a game.  Vick may not be happy about his current role.  In recent interviews, Vick has said that he wanted be a starter in his return to the NFL, well unfortunately his desperation to get back in the NFL led him to sign with an Eagles team that is already set at quarterback.  I think a better approach for Vick should be “happy” with being back in the NFL after being on the brink of playing in the AF2 league.  If both McNabb and Kolb stay healthy look for Vick after a year back in an NFL system to be traded for possibly a 2nd or 3rd round pick on draft day.


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