Finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010 Election Announced

Former Saints and Niners Pass Rusher Rickey Jackson was named as one of 17 finalists for the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame’s election

Three first-year eligible players, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice (all-time receiving yards record holder) and Emmitt Smith (all-time rushing yards record holder), were among the 15 modern-era finalists announced last week.

Joining the three first-year eligible players, are 11 other modern-era players and a longtime head coach.  The 15 modern-era finalists, along with the two senior nominees announced in August 2009 (former Detroit Lions cornerback Dick LeBeau and former Denver Broncos running back Floyd Little). The 17 candidates will be considered for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame when the Hall’s 44-member Selection Committee – made mostly of PFWA members — meets in South Florida on Saturday, February 6, 2010.

To be elected, a finalist must receive a minimum positive vote of 80 percent. And I fully expect the selection committee to use all six spots that they are allowed to fill each year from the 17 candidates including at least one of the two senior committee choices.  Also, for the first time fans are invited to vote for their choice for the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the Van Heusen Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan’s Choice at but their votes only will matter to the sponsors of the contest.

The 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame 17 finalists (15 Modern-Era and two Senior Nominees*) with their positions, teams, and years include:           

  • Tim Brown – Wide Receiver/Kick Returner – 1988-2003 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, 2004 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Cris Carter – Wide Receiver – 1987-89 Philadelphia Eagles, 1990-2001 Minnesota Vikings, 2002 Miami Dolphins
  • Don Coryell – Coach – 1973-77 St. Louis Cardinals, 1978-1986 San Diego Chargers
  • Roger Craig – Running Back – 1983-1990 San Francisco 49ers, 1991 Los Angeles Raiders, 1992-93 Minnesota Vikings
  • Dermonti Dawson – Center – 1988-2000 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Richard Dent – Defensive End – 1983-1993, 1995 Chicago Bears, 1994 San Francisco 49ers, 1996 Indianapolis Colts, 1997 Philadelphia Eagles
  • Russ Grimm – Guard 1981-1991 Washington Redskins
  • Charles Haley – Defensive End/Linebacker – 1986-1991, 1999 San Francisco 49ers, 1992-96 Dallas Cowboys
  • Rickey Jackson – Linebacker – 1981-1993 New Orleans Saints, 1994-95 San Francisco 49ers
  • Cortez Kennedy – Defensive Tackle – 1990-2000 Seattle Seahawks
  • Dick LeBeau* – Cornerback – 1959-1972 Detroit Lions
  • Floyd Little* – Running Back – 1967-1975 Denver Broncos
  • John Randle – Defensive Tackle – 1990-2000 Minnesota Vikings, 2001-03 Seattle Seahawks
  • Andre Reed – Wide Receiver – 1985-1999 Buffalo Bills, 2000 Washington Redskins
  • Jerry Rice – Wide Receiver – 1985-2000 San Francisco 49ers, 2001-04 Oakland Raiders, 2004 Seattle Seahawks
  • Shannon Sharpe – Tight End – 1990-99, 2002-03 Denver Broncos, 2000-01 Baltimore Ravens
  • Emmitt Smith – Running Back – 1990-2002 Dallas Cowboys, 2003-04 Arizona Cardinals

During the week leading up to the Super Bowl, I will post my best guess as to who will be selected for enshrinement in July.  Though I am pretty sure of a couple of names, I will reserve the right to wait until early February to predict. 

You can also checkout my Top 10 list of players deserving to be in the Hall of Fame.

Lloyd Vance is a Sr. NFL Writer for Taking It to the House and an award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA)


5 Responses

  1. Floyd Little should been elected into the Hall a long time ago. Don Coryell is father of the west coast offense. he never gets the credit his deserves. John Maden of all people should know better. Don Coryell took Sid Gillman’s offense and made it even better. Coryell should have been in the Hall as well a long time ago. He took the old St. Louis Cards to the playoffs before making a great run in SD. His offense opened up the NFL. His use of the tight end and running backs in the passing game was shear genius. John Madden learned under him at San Diego State. Joe Gibbs, Ernie Sampessey, and Norv Turner. Am I missing anyone.
    Russ Grimm is part of the Skins hogs. One of the best “O” lines in history. They paved the way for diesel John Riggins.
    Emmett Smith, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, and Cris Carter should be shoo ins. Shannon Sharpe I like him but he was good but not great.

  2. Sorry to say, but the only player that is not in the Hall and should be, is the ONLY player that is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above anyone else at his position, and that’s RAY GUY!

    Name me one player more dominant at their position than Ray Guy was at Punting????

    It can’t be done!

  3. Andre Reed and Chris Carter should have already be in the HOF bot have better numbers than Michael Irvin and Lynn Swann. We already know Emmett,Rice and Brown are shoe ins,this is a tough class because someone’s gonna get slighted.

  4. Andre Reed and Chris Carter should have already be in the HOF both have better numbers than Michael Irvin and Lynn Swann. We already know Emmett,Rice and Brown are shoe ins,this is a tough class because someone’s gonna get slighted.

  5. Hate to burst someones bubble, but the fan vote, in no way counts. You would think an award winning football writer would know that. An Ray Guy does not belong in the Hall of Fame. No punter that is not already in will ever get in. What position player are you gonna leave out to put him in?

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