Tebow Gets a New Hairdo


So much for Timmy Terrific’s head of hair that drove the girls wild in Gainesville, Florida.  The Bronco’s first rounder got a “chop-job” courtey of his veteran teammates

Rookie hazing has been going on since the NFL first began back in 1920 and it is a rite of passage.  Usually the “hazing” is all in good fun, so I think it is incumbent on rookies  to say “why not” and participate — what harm is there in singing your college’s fight song at dinner.  But already we have seen in this year’s training camp sesssion that Cowboys star rookie receiver Dez Bryant said, “No” to carrying a teammate’s shoulder pads.

The anti-Bryant is Broncos’ Superman rookie quarterback Tim Tebow. The former Heisman winner from Florida continued to endear himself to his older teammates by allowing them to shave his head like Friar Tuck. 

Hopefully the former first rounder will keep either his helmet or a hat on at all times so that kids don’t walk into their local barbershop asking for a “Tebow”


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