Terrelle Pryor Holds His Pro Day by Lloyd Vance

With the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft right around the corner on Monday August 22nd at 1 PM ET, the number one prospect for the event, former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor held his “Pro Day” in Greensburg, PA.

With 17 NFL teams in attendance, Pryor dazzled with his speed — some are reporting that he ran a Vick-like 4.36 time in the forty at 6-5, 232 lbs.  But he also reportedly did have some difficulty with accuracy (a concern of some scouts going into Monday’s Supplemental Draft). 

In fairness to Pryor, who just learned days ago that indeed he was declared eligible for the Supplemental Draft, he didn’t have much time to work with his receivers on routes and timing before the quickly put together workout.  However even though Pryor may have not had his best day throwing the ball, the former Pennsylvania HS phenom finally seemed to make some inroads with NFL personnel evaluator by exhibiting some much-needed humility.

Pryor finally accepted full responsibility for his misgivings at OSU and thanked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for giving the opportunity of fulfilling his dream of playing quarterback in the National Football League.  Also former All-Big Ten second teamer showed maturity by saying that he would not appeal Goodell’s ruling that he will be suspended for the first 5 games of his NFL career.

Some of the teams in attendance at the workout were the Cowboys, Browns, Bills, Eagles, Steelers, and surprisingly the Colts.  Pittsburgh was going to help send the footage to other teams who couldn’t attend.  We also learned that recently that Indy had Pryor in for a physical, which definitely raised intrigued. The Colts, who are worried about the recovery of veteran Peyton Manning returning from an off-season neck surgery, may very well “shock” the world by taking a flier on the developmental prospect.

Right now in looking at Pryor, I see more Buffalo Bills “Slash” Brad Smith (QB/WR/KR) than 2011 NFL Draft first overall pick Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.  Clearly Pryor has work to do to become an NFL quarterback and he seems to have embraced it.  He even re-affirmed his willingness to “help-out” anywhere possible for the team that selects him, while learning to be a more complete quarterback.

Monday’s precedings are going be real interesting, but I have no doubt that Pryor will be given his chance at redemption.  And I expect his cell phone to ring somewhere after the 3rd round of the Supplemental Draft.

What we did learn from Pryor’s workout on Saturday was that he indeed does have the “talent” to help an NFL team.  But he also seems to be a little more humble as he moves towards playing with the Big Boys.

— Lloyd Vance


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