Eagles are searching for Mr. Good Linebacker by Lloyd Vance

Could former Bengals LB Odell Thurman — currently playing in the UFL — be the “answer” to the problems that are plaguing the Philadelphia Eagles linebackers 

Through 3 weeks of play, the highly-touted Eagles’ new Wide-9 defense led by rookie defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and veteran defensive line coach Jim Washburn has produced the following numbers:  77 points allowed (ranked 24th in NFL), 593 passing yards (8th), 394 rushing yards (30th), 12 sacks, and 3 turnovers (22).

To say the least, the Eagles have struggled on defense especially in Weeks 2 and 3, which produced consecutive losses to the Atlanta Falcons and New Giants.  These two defeats have definitely raised Philly fans ire and left them wondering if the team’s young linebackers are going to be this season’s Andy Reid blind-spot — see Punt Returner circa 2007.  Continue reading


Matt Lombardo Discusses Philly Media Scuffle on the Mike Missanelli Show

Let’s Get Ready, To Rumble!!!  Twitter Misunderstanding allegedly leads to the “Knock Down at NovaCare” 

The Philadelphia region was “buzzing” on September 28th about sports, but to everyone’s surprise the big story wasn’t the Phillies heading into the playoffs or the Eagles trying to turn their fortunes around in their upcoming game against the Niners.  No…. the big story was an alleged dust-up between beat reporters Les Bowen (Daily News) and Jeff McClane (Inquirer) in the media room of the Philadelphia Eagles’s NovaCare complex.

Taking It to the House’s Matt Lomdardo was on the scene for the “scuffle” and was on 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli Show to give a blow-by-blow of the misunderstanding.

Also watch how Eagles QB Michael Vick’s lockerroom interview was interrupted by CB Asante Samuel yapping about the beat reporter “beat down”

2011 Philadelphia Eagles Notebook: September 28 Practice

Taking It to the House Eagles beat reporter Matt Lombardo was on the scene at Philadelphia Eagles Practice on Wednesday September 28th and to say the least it was an “eventful” day at the team’s NovaCare facility. 

Coaches and players were preparing for a must-win game against the Niners on Sunday.  Plus there may have been an alleged dust-up in the team’s media too.

Pay particular attention to how Eagles QB Michael Vick’s lockerroom interview was interrupted by CB Asante Samuel yapping about the beat reporter “beat down”

Searching the Past For an Answer to the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles’ Defensive Problems by Lloyd Vance


Taking It to the House goes “Back to the Future” to find the answer to the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive woes

Growing-up and living in the Philadelphia area and now covering the Eagles has afforded me the chance to have a pretty strong lense into both the team and their fanbase.  And I have to tell you, that this week after all the “Dream Team” talk going into the 2011 season plus the early failures of the current Birds – record of 1-2 in the NFC East basement after consecutive disturbing losses.  That  the Birds’ most recent loss, a 29-16 home opener defeat to the hated New York Giants, has made Eagles’ fans probably more angrier — during the regular season – than any other time that I can remember in Andy Reid’s 193-game tenure over 13 years at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

And with Reid responding to a post game press conference question in a cantankerous way by saying, ““Let’s talk some football here.”  I am more than willing to do just that by starting with some history.  In doing my research for this piece, I tried to remember some of the other seasons/milestones where Reid, who everyone knows is the all-time winningest coach in team history with a record of 119-75-1 and a regular season win percentage of 61.3% , clearly was on the proverbial “Hot Seat” with the fans and media in this town and how the Birds responded.  Though it was very hard to find a singular regular season moment where the lynch mob was hotter for Reid, mostly due to his underachieving defense and linebackers than right now, I think I may have located a time. Continue reading

Blame On Castillo Misplaced by Matt Lombardo

The Eagles remade defense has struggled out of the gate, and it has become fashionable to blame coordinator Juan Castillo for the unit’s shortcomings. Castillo though, can only coach the players he was given and so far, the inadequacies of those players have been exposed in the first three weeks. 

Three weeks into the NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2. Naturally, especially in this town, the reflexive inclination is to cast blame at anything and anyone with a hand in even the most miniscule role in the team’s early struggles. Somehow, just three weeks into his tenure as defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo has found himself in the crosshairs of the boo birds. Quite frankly, that assessment is incredibly premature and doing so shifts the attention from the bigger issues that are fundamentally wrong with the makeup of this football team.

There is no doubting that the results on the field for the Eagles defense have been far from good enough. Philadelphia has surrendered 64 points in the last two weeks, including 29 combined in the fourth quarters of those contests against the Falcons and Giants. Likewise there is little argument that the Birds performance in the red zone has left much to be desired, surrendering six touchdowns in the red zone the last two weeks, good enough to rank last in efficiency inside the 20. Continue reading

2011 NFL Week 3 Remix by Lloyd Vance

The Baltimore Ravens (2-1) look to be back near the top of the AFC and rookie WR Torrey Smith was one of the stars from  Week 3 of the 2011 NFL Season

As the calendar changes to autumn, the NFL moves closer to the first quarter marker of the 2011 NFL season.  Week 3, which I dubbed “Separation Sunday”, definitely helped continue the 12-week process of sorting out which teams are contenders and pretenders before November and December’s playoff push.   T

One thing is apparent, no one in their right mind could have predicted the wacky start to this season.  Week 3 had an NFL record 9 games that were decided by 3 points or less.  The capricious world of the NFL was never more on display than this week as the Buffalo Bills coming off a  4-12 season impressively beat the New England Patriots 34-31 in Orchard Park, NY.  The win ended the Patriots’ 15-game regular-season winning streak over their AFC East rival.  The Bills also became the first team in NFL history to win consecutive games after trailing by 18 points or more.  Unbelievably the Bills were the last team to win in 2010, but this is a whole different season. Continue reading

Vick Breaks Hand As Eagles Lose Ugly Home Opener To Giants by Matt Lombardo

Michael Vick’s injured right hand was just one of the storylines in a disheartening Eagles loss in their home opener to the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Entering Sunday’s Eagles-Giants showdown in Philadelphia’s home opener at Lincoln Financial Field, conventional wisdom held that the Eagles had too many weapons and too much speed for the Giants to compete. On Sunday, though it was New York that powered past the Birds 29-16, snapping a six-game streak of Eagles dominance over the G-Men and injuring Michael Vick’s right hand in the process. Continue reading