A Glimpse into the 2011 Season According to a So-Called Expert: Jason King

The Sunday before Labor Day is a great day for football junkies and a horrible day for our wives, mothers, and children.  It is the last Sunday without football for 5 months. For the next six months, Sundays will be dedicated to football.  Fans will live and die with the ups and downs there teams experience through the season.

On the field the quest for the Lombardi Trophy officially begins this Thursday.  I am of the school of thought that predictions are worthless.  Experts all over the country make their prognostications on who will play in Super Bowl 46.  99.9 percent of us have no idea what we are talking about.  Well, for whatever it’s worth, here are my worthless predictions for the 2011 season.
NFC South   
Atlanta            11-5
New Orleans   10-6
Tampa Bay      9-7
Carolina           4-12
NFC North
Green Bay       10-6
Detroit             8-8
Minnesota       8-8
Chicago           7-9
NFC East
Dallas              12-4
Philadelphia    10-6
NY Giants       9-7
Wash               3-13
NFC West
Arizona           9-7
St. Louis          8-8
San Francisco  5-11
Seattle             4-12
AFC South
Houston          11-5
Indianapolis    10-6
Jacksonville     5-11
Tennessee        4-12
AFC North
Baltimore        13-3
Pittsburgh        11-5
Cleveland        7-9
Cincinnati        2-14
AFC East
NY Jets           12-4
NE Patriots     12-4
Buffalo Bills    7-9
Mia Dolphins  5-11
AFC West
San Diego       13-3
Kansas City     7-9
Denver            5-11
Oakland          3-13

NFC Division Champions: Atlanta (bye), Dallas (bye), Green Bay, and Arizona

NFC Wildcards:  Philadelphia and New Orleans 

NFC Wild Card Round: Green Bay over New Orleans; Philadelphia over Arizona. 

NFC Divisional Round:  Dallas over Philadelphia; Atlanta over Green Bay

NFC Championship: Dallas over Atlanta

AFC Division Champions: Baltimore (bye), San Diego (bye), NY Jets, and Houston

AFC Wildcards: New England and Pittsburgh

AFC Wild Card Round: NY Jets over New England; Houston over Pittsburgh

AFC Divisional Round: Baltimore over NY Jets; San Diego over Houston

AFC Championship: San Diego over Baltimore

Super Bowl XLVI: San Diego 27 Dallas 17


NFL Coach of the year: Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

NFL Offensive MVP: Philip Rivers, QB San Diego Chargers

NFL Defensive MVP: DeMarcus Ware, LB Dallas Cowboys

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: WR Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year: Patrick Peterson, CB Arizona Cardinals

NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Tony Romo, QB Dallas Cowboys

NFL Breakout Player: Matt Ryan, QB Atlanta Falcons

First pick of the 2011 NFL Draft:  Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina by the Cincinnati Bengals



Jason King is a contributing writer at Taking It to the House and can be reached at jdk2032@yahoo.com


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the 2011 Season According to a So-Called Expert: Jason King”

  1. Ya know.. there are some women who love football. :D I may as well live on an island on Thursday night, all day and night Sunday and Monday night.

    Cause no one is interrupting me and my football!

    I think New Orleans will top the NFC South.
    Green Bay, Philadelphia, St. Louis

    NY Jets

    Very much looking forward to your blog through the season..


  2. Come on really Jay? Dallas?!
    I used to think you were on the juice with your Washington picks of the past but, this Dallas pick must mean it was something much stronger. Dallas finishes in third place in the division and misses the playoff this year.

    1. As you saw last night Dallas has all the ingredients to be a really good team. If Romo elevates his play the sky is the limit for this team. If he is pedestrain in the big moments like he was last night then the Cowboys go nowhere.

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