The NFL Remembers September 11th Ten Years Later by Lloyd Vance

Emotions will be high on Sunday as the NFL remembers 9/11/2001, 10 years later

As the NFL prepares for its “official” opening day on Sunday, I am sure football fans and players will also have something much more important than football on their minds.

This Sunday happens to be 10-year anniversary of the tragic events from September 11, 2001.  The National Football League will commemorate the anniversary by showing the league’s huge heart by having moments of silence and reflection at all of their Sunday’s games.  But most importantly their will be special remembrances in Washington DC (Redskins hosting New York Giants) and New York (NY Jets hosting Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football).

 All  of Sunday’s afternoon games be synchronized with pre-game salutes, which will feature  a video introduction followed by performances of Taps from near the sites of the attacks, and moments of silence. This will be the second time the anniversary of 9/11 where the start of the season falls on this date (2005).

Also all NFL team members will wear a special NFL 9/11 ribbon and all stadiums hosting games on Sunday will feature the ribbon logo on the field.  The league also put aside their bureaucratic ways by making the right call by allowing players to wear special patriotic cleats and gloves to commemorating 9/11.   The league sent word about the non-dress code violation via a message, which most importantly said there would not be any $5000.00 dollar fines handed down.

We here at Taking It to the House would also like to remember the many people’s lives that were forever changed on 9/11 by displaying a picture of the Twin Towers.  The photo was taken of Editor Lloyd Vance on a friend’s boat in the Summer of 2001 not long before the horrific attacks on them.

Make sure when you are watching your NFL favorite team playing in one of the 13 games on Sunday, to take a minute to say a prayer for the people who served and the others who were harmed in the tragic events from 9/11

—  Lloyd Vance


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