2011 Eagles Notebook: Eagles Sign Much Nicer After Redskins’ Win by Lloyd Vance

After a causing a minor uprising over his sign “Andy The Times… To Go” last week, John “the Sign Man” was back across the street from the Eagles NovaCare complex with a new one.

And this time everyone was much happier — Wonder if the Eagles beating the Redskins 20-13 on Sunday had something to do with all the “love” in South Philly.  Sign-Man’s new message read “Thank You! & Your Welcome!”  … I think Sign-Man thinks he inspired the downtrodden Birds to end their 4-game losing streak…  But everyone knows Redskins QB Rex Grossman (4 INTs) had “everything” to do with the Birds’ win.

Taking It to the House’s Matt Lombardo even reported that Eagles OG Evan Mathis, a noted Sign-Man antagonist last week, stopped this time around to share some much kinder words with the Birds’ fans sporting their sign.  

Wonder what will happen if the Eagles lose to the hated Dallas Cowboys in Week 8 after their bye…. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

—   Lloyd Vance, Taking It to the House – Editor


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