Taking it to the House’s NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

Even though the NY Jets (4-3) are on their bye week, HC Rex Ryan’s squad after a two-game winning streak has re-entered the playoff hunt.  The NY Jets come-in at No. 9 in Taking It to the House’s Week 8 Power Rankings
1.      Green Bay Packers (7-0) – The Pack struggled early against Minnesota but still came away with the win.  There are already rumblings about an undefeated season.  Week 8: Bye
2.      New England Patriots (5-1) – Can Chad Ochocinco start contributing to the Patriots offense?  Will the defense be better in the second half of the season?  A few questions that need to be answered in New England .  Week 8: 10/30 @ Pittsburgh
3.      San Francisco 49ers (5-1) – A productive bye week for this team.  They gained a half game in the division because everybody else in the division lost.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Cleveland
4.      New Orleans Saints (5-2) – An impressive 55 point victory on Sunday night.  Tough team to be at the Superdome.  Week 8: 10/30 @ St. Louis
5.      New York Giants (4-2) – The Giants have a tough schedule after they play Miami on Sunday.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Miami
6.      Buffalo Bills (4-2) – Coming off the bye week, the Bills hope to continue playing good football.  One thing is for sure: they won’t sneak up on anybody these last 10 games.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Washington (in Toronto )
7.      Baltimore Ravens (4-2) – Terrible loss on Monday night in Jacksonville .  The offense needs a lot of work.  Ray Rice needs more carries and Joe Flacco just needs to play better.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Arizona
8.      Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) – The Steelers offense is carrying them these days.  Big Ben really has confidence in his receivers, but the main reason for their offensive success is because their offensive line is playing better.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. New England
9.      New York Jets (4-3) – The Jets defense held the Chargers offense to 14 points and never let Philip Rivers get into rhythm.  Their offense found a red zone threat as Plaxico Burress caught 3 touchdown passes.  Week 8: Bye
10.  Dallas Cowboys (3-3) – DeMarco Murray needs to be the starting running back.  Felix Jones is injury prone and can’t be an every down back.  Tashard Choice is too inconsistent.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Philadelphia
11.  Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) – Cedric Benson will serve his one game suspension on Sunday.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Seattle      
12.  San Diego Chargers (4-2) – 13 penalties for 95 yards.  0 points in the second half.  Those two stats resonated with the Chargers on the long flight from New York back to San Diego .  Week 8: 10/31 @ Kansas City
13.  Detroit Lions (5-2) – Every week a new controversy finds this team.  The last thing a young team trying to prove itself in a tough league needs.  We will see what the Lions are made of in the next few weeks.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Denver
14.  Houston Texans (4-3) – Big win on Sunday in Tennessee .  They dominated on both sides of the ball.  Arian Foster is becoming a top 5 running back in the league before our eyes.  Last year was no fluke.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Jacksonville 
15.  Chicago Bears (4-3) – The Bears are now the only team in the NFL that can say they have won games on two different continents this season.  For whatever it is worth.  Week 8: Bye
16.  Atlanta Falcons (4-3) – Good win in Detroit behind the running of Michael Turner.  Matt Ryan needs this week to heal from what looked like a gruesome injury.  Week 8: Bye
17.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) – Ugly loss in London .  Ernest Graham is done for the season.  The Bucs need to get LeGarette Blunt healthy and maybe take a look at signing RB Tiki Barber during their bye week.  Week 8: Bye
18.  Oakland Raiders (4-3) – Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer combined to throw 6 interceptions on Sunday.  Darren McFadden has a sprained foot.  The bye couldn’t come at a better time for the Raiders.  Week 8: Bye
19.  Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) – We will see how a week of flying under the radar will affect the Eagles.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Dallas
20.  Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) – The Chiefs have won 3 straight games and are only a game behind San Diego in the division.  That can all change on Monday night.  Week 8: 10/31 vs. San Diego
21.  Tennessee Titans (3-3) – Deflating loss on Sunday.  Chris Johnson has got to play better if they want to stay in the race for the AFC South title.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Indianapolis
22.  Carolina Panthers (2-5) – Cam Newton had an amazing third down run in the first quarter of Sunday’s win against Washington .  This team can realistically win 6 or 7 games.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Minnesota
23.  Cleveland Browns (3-3) – The Browns beat the Seahawks 6-3 on Sunday.  That game won’t be shown on ESPN classic anytime soon.  Week 8: 10/30 @ San Francisco
24.  Washington Redskins (3-3) – Tim Hightower is done for the year.  Santana Moss is out about a month after hand surgery.  The good news is that John Beck played well in his first start.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Buffalo (in Toronto )
25.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) – The Jags looked impressive on Monday night.  The defense shut Baltimore ’s offense out until late in the fourth quarter and Blaine Gabbart didn’t turn the ball over.  Maurice Jones-Drew did fumble 3 times which has to be troubling for Jack Del Rio.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Houston  
26.  Seattle Seahawks (2-4) – Pete Carroll has only 9 players on the roster that were in Seattle before he came.  This is a team rebuilding so don’t expect many more wins Seahawks fans.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Cincinnati
27.  Denver Broncos (2-4) – Tim Tebow led the Broncos to an improbable win Sunday in Miami .  We will see if they can build some momentum going forward.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. Detroit   
28.  Minnesota Vikings (1-6) – The Christian Ponder era started great with a 72 yard completion to Michael Jenkins on Ponder’s first play from scrimmage.  The Vikings were competitive against the Packers on Sunday which is all Leslie Frazier can ask for at this point.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Carolina
29.  Arizona Cardinals (1-5) – Kevin Kolb hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the Cardinals.  They gave up a lot for him with the idea that they would be competing this season.  The only thing they are competing in is the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Baltimore
30.  Miami Dolphins (0-6) – They gave up a 15 point lead in 3 minutes and then lost the game in overtime.  The Dolphins say that Tony Sparano is safe.  I don’t see him finishing the season as Dolphins coach.  Week 8: 10/30 @ NY Giants
31.  St. Louis Rams (0-6) – AJ Feeley started for an injured Sam Bradford Sunday in Dallas .  It didn’t matter as the Rams offense continued to struggle.  They have scored 56 points in the first 6 games of the season.  The Saints scored 62 points on Sunday night alone.  It doesn’t look good for the Rams on Sunday.  Week 8: 10/30 vs. New Orleans
32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-7) – The Colts lost by 55 points on Sunday Night Football.  It is seriously time to build a statute for Peyton Manning outside of Lucas Oil Stadium.  Week 8: 10/30 @ Tennessee
Jason King is a contributing writer at Taking It to the House and he can be reached at jdk2032@yahoo.com

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