Who Would Play Al Davis In A Motion Picture? by Barry Barnes

With the recent passing of NFL icon Al Davis, writer Barry Barnes  speculates on who would play the legendary man on the big screen
Al Davis was a man who walked to the tune of his own beat, the ultimate trailblazer.  When word hit about the death of Davis on Saturday, it was a sad day for the NFL and its fans, especially for Raider Nation. 

The cause of Davis’ death is unknown.  However, what is known, no matter what caused Davis to transition, the circumstances were not strong enough to stop the legendary Raider from accomplishing the foundation and standards he laid for the NFL today.  Whether it was father time or a fatal disease that sent Davis home, it was too late.   

Therefore, let’s not be too late to honor the man who changed the Raiders’ team color from gold and black to silver and black and added the famous Raider logo helmet that the world loves. 

Hollywood style, on the big screen.

It is inevitable that all individuals will die, whether by force or naturally, as flesh will not stand forever. 

Davis’ legacy will live forever and his death was not a tragedy.  The deaths of such legendary public figures, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Donny Hathaway, to name a few, were tragic due unexpected, unnecessary causes.

For an individual such as Davis, who was 82, his death should be more of a celebration.  Yes, Davis’ family should mourn and cry for days.  Nevertheless, as distant fans and close friends or acquaintances should, the Davis family should be shouting to the mountain tops as Big Al lived the life that millions would dream of and the impact he had on countless individuals and associations. Continue reading “Who Would Play Al Davis In A Motion Picture? by Barry Barnes”