Preseason Week Three was all about injuries

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Several high-profile players including Raiders receiver Drew Carter were injured in preseason week 3, making you wonder if the number of these “exhibition” games should be shortened

(Philadelphia, Pa) — Week 3 of the NFL Pre-season was the last chance for end of the roster players to make a good impression before the “Turk” was coming for NFL Cut Down Day 1 on August 26th (75 player limit). The week featured several high profile matches including territorial “Bragging Rights Bowls” Dallas at Houston , and the New York Giants at New York Jets at the. Teams used this week to implement their game plan and packages for the start of the regular season and most projected starters played well into the 3rd quarter rewarding fans that plunked down their hard earned money.

But the big news of the week belonged to injuries that once again made you wonder if the NFL should shorten the preseason.  Continue reading “Preseason Week Three was all about injuries”