Blame On Castillo Misplaced by Matt Lombardo

The Eagles remade defense has struggled out of the gate, and it has become fashionable to blame coordinator Juan Castillo for the unit’s shortcomings. Castillo though, can only coach the players he was given and so far, the inadequacies of those players have been exposed in the first three weeks. 

Three weeks into the NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2. Naturally, especially in this town, the reflexive inclination is to cast blame at anything and anyone with a hand in even the most miniscule role in the team’s early struggles. Somehow, just three weeks into his tenure as defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo has found himself in the crosshairs of the boo birds. Quite frankly, that assessment is incredibly premature and doing so shifts the attention from the bigger issues that are fundamentally wrong with the makeup of this football team.

There is no doubting that the results on the field for the Eagles defense have been far from good enough. Philadelphia has surrendered 64 points in the last two weeks, including 29 combined in the fourth quarters of those contests against the Falcons and Giants. Likewise there is little argument that the Birds performance in the red zone has left much to be desired, surrendering six touchdowns in the red zone the last two weeks, good enough to rank last in efficiency inside the 20. Continue reading “Blame On Castillo Misplaced by Matt Lombardo”