NFL Reinstates Pacman Limitedly

(Philadelphia, Pa) —  As I anticipated a couple of days ago after talking to someone close to Pacman’s agent, the NFL re-instated Dallas Cowboys CB Adam Pacman Jones on a limited basis.

Commissioner Roger Goodell notified Jones in a letter that he could participate in organized team activities with the Dallas Cowboys, including training camp and preseason games.   The Commish also wrote that a final determination on his reinstatement for the 2008 regular season will be made by September 1. Goodell also reaffirmed that Pacman’s continued participation in the NFL depends on demonstrating that he can conduct himself in a lawful and reliable manner including compliance with NFL’s personal conduct program (i.e. Avoiding further adverse involvement with law enforcement).

LV’s Take: I believe that this a good reinstatement by the NFL.  Though I am not a huge proponent of Jones, I do believe that he should be given the opportunity to play in NFL now that he has served his suspension.  We all know the NFL is full of second chance players (Tank Johnson, Koren Robinson, Christian Peter, etc) so give Pacman a chance to prove he has changed his ways or show that he just doesn’t give a hoot about his career.  I know myself and the rest of the NFL will be watching this melodrama unfold further.  The best thing for Jones is to stay away from the clubs, follow the guidance of Dallas Cowboys reclaimation guru Calin Hill and former troubled playerTank Johnon, who has stayed out of the limelight in Dallas.