2011 NFL Season: Week 1 Remix by Lloyd Vance

WR Calvin “Megratron” Johnson and his fellow Lions came to play as Detroit knocked off the Bucs in one of Sunday’s more entertaining games

After a lockout that lasted 136 Days and it seemed the longest training camp/preseason ever, the first regular season game weekend of the 92st NFL season titled: “Back to Football” was finally played. NFL Universe just couldn’t get enough of America’s Game as Week 1 stretched over three game days (September 8th, September 11th, and September 12th).  Fans turned out in record numbers as even the downtrodden Jacksonville Jaguars played to a sellout.  Excitement was all around the league that fan’s get enough of.  But there was also solemn remembrances as the NFL and it’s fans remembered the tragic events from September 11, 2011 with much reflection.  There were stirring National Athems — I like Queen Latifah’s renditionat the US Open Tennis Championships the best — Players wearing patriotic gear, and great commercials — loved the State Farm ad of little kids singing “I Love New York” to the firemen.

Overall the first week of the 2011 NFL season brought surprises (Ravens demolishing the Steelers, Raiders ending the Broncos opener win streak, Cowboy losing a 14+ point lead for the first time in team history, Bills thumping 2009 playoff team, the KC Chiefs and several photo finishes), Non-surprises (Colts struggling without Peyton Manning; Michael Vick looking like a “Human joystick” again, Tom Brady winning in an opener again,  Redskins and NY Jets winning emotional games at home on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11), Cheers, and Tears (Sorry Cowboys fans…Romo just didn’t have enough “killer” instinct to knockoout the NY Jets when he had the chance) that only NFL drama can provoke. The wins and losses no doubt will create a buzz of “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” around the water cooler and on sports radio, but remember the NFL season is a 17-Week Marathon. Continue reading “2011 NFL Season: Week 1 Remix by Lloyd Vance”