Eagles Six For Sunday: Week 6 vs Redskins by Matt Lombardo

After a four game losing streak, the Eagles season hinges on the outcome of today’s NFC East matchup against the Redskins at Fed Ex Field in Landover, MD. Statistically it is an uphill battle for the Eagles to make the playoffs as no team has made the postseason since 1990 after a 1-5 start. Jason Avant called a players only meeting this week, but will it be enough to rally the birds? Each week Taking It To The House puts six keys to the game in focus. Today all eyes will be on the Eagles meager rush defense, lack of redzone efficiency and running back LeSean McCoy.

Before the season began Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman boldly predicted that Washington would win the NFC East this season. In week six, Grossman and the ‘Skins have the opportunity to take a big step towards making that prediction prophetic by beating the Eagles and driving a pivotal nail into the ‘Dream Team’s coffin. Conversely, an Eagles win moves the Birds within striking distance of the division lead.  Continue reading “Eagles Six For Sunday: Week 6 vs Redskins by Matt Lombardo”