2011 NFL Week 6 Remix by Lloyd Vance

Week 6 of the 2011 NFL Season was very exciting as teams like the Packers (6-0) and Patriots (5-1) continued to march towards the playoffs.  But all that was on every fan’s mind was talking about “Handshake Gate” as Niners HC Jim Harbaugh and Lions HC Jim Schwartz had a “misunderstanding” after San Francisco ended Detroit’s undefeated hopes

(Philadelphia,Pa) — This is one of my favorite times on the NFL calendar right before the midway part of the season.  Teams are starting to separate into “Contenders” and “Pretenders” and each week certain teams are getting closer to the playoffs while others get closer to preparing for the 2012 NFL Draft — hello Stanford QB Andrew Luck. Continue reading “2011 NFL Week 6 Remix by Lloyd Vance”