2011-12 NFL Season Key Dates by Lloyd Vance


Now that the league is “Back to Football”, Taking It to the House has compiled the Key Dates for the 2011-2012 NFL Season, including a recap of the NFL Lockout’s major events.  And we are certain that league talking heads, like CBS’ NFL Today crew (pictured), will have these dates circled on their football calendars too

Though the 136-Day NFL Lockout threw a ton of money wrenches into some of the league’s early season plans, the “NFL is Back”.  Here is a list of the key dates that we believe every football fan will need to know going into the 2011 NFL season — sorry included some lockout history too. 

We are sure every NFL talking head including Gus Johnson, Peter King, Chris Berman, Tony Dungy, Solomon Wilcots, and myself will have these dates circled on their calendars. Continue reading “2011-12 NFL Season Key Dates by Lloyd Vance”