Vick interview to air on 60 Minutes

Ever since disgraced former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was first found out to being one of the heads of a notorious dogfighting ring that ultimately led to his demise, people have wanted to hear his side of his fall from grace.

Well after waiting over two years, Vick will finally sit down for a candid interview. The 29-year old will speak to CBS Sports NFL Today Anchor James Brown on 60 Minutes.   I am sure JB will delve into Vick’s mindset before the dogfighting allegations surfaced, during his 18-month federal prison stay, and now that he is trying to re-establish his life inside and outside the NFL.

Hopefully Vick will be straight-forward, but in the end I don’t expect disgruntled “Vick not for the NFL” haters or PETA folks’ minds to be changed by his answers.  I however will be interested in seeing how Vick has grown as a person, if JB is probing or handouting softball questions, and if the former Falcons star is truly ready for NFL redemption. 

As I have stated several times, I do not condone his dogfighting actions but he has served his time and he should be allowed back into the NFL.  Of course the main question on everyone’s mind, “What NFL franchise will sign Vick?”, is still lingering and won’t be answered in the interview either. 

Hopefully soon the three-time Pro Bowl player will be given a chance –advisor Tony Dungy says at five teams are interested — then the real questions of “how” to use him in an offense, possible action plans for handling protesters, and is he still the same player after not playing since December 2006 can be answered.

The interview, conducted on Monday, Aug. 10 in Virginia, will be broadcast this Sunday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.